Varidesk is now another popular brand for electric high tables and converters. This brand doesn’t have a high price, but it’s not cheap either. Your products have a higher price than other units. Let’s see what the hype is. And if a higher price justifies the features.

About The Brand

Vari of Varis Sales Corporation is an American brand based in Texas. The brand is proud of its sturdy and easy to assemble high tables. Vari started producing tables and converters in 2013 and is one of the most popular brands on the market.

Photoelectric high table version

Overview of the Vari Electrical Console

Varidesk is suitable for large users up to 6 feet 5 inches. The height range is between 25 and 50.5 inches. So it has several users.

And there aren’t many problems for little people, either. The lowest installation is very convenient for shorter people. That is why many users find the height range of the Varidesk very practical.

Stable at most heights

I think Vari’s electric table is quite stable at the highest altitude. At 29 inches, it is quite stable and solid. I felt no hesitation or tremor on either side.

I then tried to raise it to 39 inches to see if it remained stable. It may be a bit wobbly, but it has to be moved with moderate force from the outside. So he’s still stable enough to type.

And if you go up to 43 and 50 centimeters, the flicker is even more pronounced. For some, it can be annoying, but the shocks aren’t that bad compared to Fully Jarvis or the Uplift electric high table.

You can buy Varidesk with or without a crossbar in the middle. And that function was to make the bar table more stable. My observations show that the crossbar did not really play a role in the table’s stability. With or without crossbars, the table is stable at its maximum height.

Varidesk - Electrical cabinet version

So even if it’s suitable for larger users, you’ll have to face a slight hesitation. The crossbeam must not have any support. It struck me that a plastic piece is inserted where the crossbar is to be attached to the leg frames.

I think that’s why Varidek is a little shocked by the rise in altitude. Plastic is not stable; metal would make the table more stable.

The Varidek has a similar design of a crossbeam with a facade. Versaadecks are also beautiful, sturdy, and look very tight even at 47 inches. Of course, you feel a slight swing at 47 inches. But some users don’t even have to worry about it.

The Vari electric high table is therefore quite stable. When used on the highest desk, it wobbles a little. However, this is not a problem for most users.

Simple and clean design

The Varidesk is available in two table sizes, 38 and 60 inches. And it offers two types of leg frames, one with and one without a crossbar.

Although it is often said that the crossbar gives stability to the table, this is not important. I think it’s more of a design than a support structure. And I find the one without the crossbar more attractive.

The crossbeam can sometimes take up space. Those who don’t have a bar on the other side offer more legroom. And if you’re the kind of person that stretches their legs once in a while, you need to get off the pole. You can just tap your tibia or your knees. And it’s a common complaint from most bar protectors.

I also find Varidek simple yet robust. It is equipped with sturdy and thick stainless steel legs that increase the table’s stability. Sounds simple, but clean and simple. With the control, you can program the desired height.

Warranty, return, and shipping costs

One of the things I like about Varidek is that it has a return policy compared to the other permanent tables on the market today. The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that no problems will be. Try for 30 days. This time will be sufficient to determine whether or not the table will serve its purpose.

And the brand also offers free shipping and refunds.

As far as the guarantee is concerned, it has the same duration as that of Versadek. Both tables come with a 5-year warranty on parts and worktops. The Versaadec is only one step higher on the ladder with 5 years warranty on the electronics and 10 years warranty on the worktop.

As for the delivery, Varidesk was well packaged, and it’s one of my favorite chair packages. In addition, the desk is made in one piece, without damage, scratches, or dents.

The table can be heavy or quite heavy, so make sure you unpack it where you want to place it. And of course, it is more convenient to take it with you, at home, at the office or wherever you want to put it. Otherwise, it can be difficult to bring a fully assembled office to your home office.

Because this table can be very heavy, it could be both a pro and a scam. He’s a professional because that only means the table is strong. Stable tables generally weigh more than fragile and cheap tables. But it can be a scam if you’ve already moved the table to another room or location.


Customer service at Vari is not my favorite thing in the world. You can try to contact them by e-mail, but they will not respond immediately. So it could be an explosion, especially if you have a problem with your office.

The tablet runs smoothly and quietly. But it doesn’t offer much improvement. For example, there are only two types of tables (48 and 60 inches) and two types of frames.

Although there are different colors for the office, it’s not that exciting. He can also suggest a work plan for brick blocks. But I’m not a fan. Looks like a printed wave. It doesn’t even look like it’s laminated.

Cooking the electric chair to get up


The high electric table for the kitchen is sturdy and looks solid. And the heavy, thick steel frames speak for themselves. And the table has a fitting, which means it’s heavy. So this table can stay a bit longer.

As much as I would have liked them without the crossbar, hey, it’s a matter of preference. But note that the crossbar does not contribute much to the table’s stability, contrary to what many people think.

The sleeper is for construction purposes only. But despite the slight shocks, it is pretty much stable. Unfortunately, the latter is only slightly more stable at the highest level.

The legs are T-shaped, which also gives stability to the table. And it can cost up to 200 pounds.

And the table’s pretty stable; it’s just starting to wobble at the highest level. It also has a wide range of table heights to accommodate many users. So if you can stand a little shaking, this electric table will serve you well.

I also like the large work surface. I can set up a reasonably complete workstation, and the cable duct is a plus.


In general, Varidesk is a sturdy, resistant, and electric high table with certain durability. In addition, it’s stable at most altitudes. So if you don’t have to worry about a slightly rocking tabletop, this is the perfect desk for your home office.

Is a higher price justified? Yeah, it’s always more stable than the other brands. And the quality is one of the best on the market.

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