Arc’teryx is a Canadian company that has been in the outdoor industry for over 30 years. Their products are designed for adventurers and those who appreciate the quality craft at all levels of this global brand. This item, a unisex Beta SL rain jacket, offers protection from wind and wetness without sacrificing mobility or breathability.

A nice rain jacket is a must-have item whether you’re traveling throughout Europe, going to the cottage for the weekend, or simply going to work. It may be worth its weight in gold if you find yourself in a location like England or British Columbia. Again, you can rely on us. It does rain a lot there, according to the rumors. If you’re a minimalist packer or a backpacker, you’ve been looking for an excellent rain jacket that doesn’t take up too much space in your suitcase. There’s good news! The Arc’teryx Beta SL was the one we discovered.

Arc’teryx is a name you’re undoubtedly familiar with. Quality, simplicity, and practicality have always been priorities for the company, founded in British Columbia by a group of climbers. They think that the design of their clothes should enable you to go about your daily activities without being hampered by external circumstances such as the weather or your apparel. Arc’teryx is also concerned about the environment. They aim to make things that endure, and they take a hands-on approach to their production choices. More information on how they’re making a difference may be found here.

Beta SL Jacket Packed UpThe Beta SL is a rain jacket intended to pack as little as possible without sacrificing any of the rain jacket’s functionality. It weighs 9.9 oz, roughly the same as two cups of all-purpose flour. It’s designed to be utilized as a rain jacket in case of an emergency when hiking, backpacking, or trekking. The SL in the name refers to SUPERLIGHT, and that is exactly what this product is. This jacket was made using GORE-TEX® fabric with “paclite® technology” to keep it water and wind-resistant while reducing its size and weight. Arc’teryx refers to as a “less abrasion resistant cloth,” which means it’s not as tough as your regular rain jacket. This isn’t to say the coat is fragile; it just has “small ripstop” protection rather than a complete ripstop. While we wouldn’t advocate chainsawing the jacket, it should be able to withstand normal wear and tear.

Arc'teryx Beta SL Jacket in Rainy EnglandThe silhouette is another clever design aspect that helps to reduce mass. Each jacket is gender-specific and created with a slim fit. We’ve been testing the Beta SL for women, but the men’s version looks good and closely fits. The Beta SL takes up less room on your body and in your luggage if you have a slimmer form; but, if you don’t have an athletic build, consider sizing up, so it’s not too tight in any one region. Frances (5’5″, 120 pounds) is an average petite wearer, but she scaled up to a medium and is pleased with the fit and style.

Arc'teryx Beta SL Jacket in the RainBecause it’s designed to be an activewear jacket, the thinner cut keeps it performing by preventing the excess fabric from getting in the way of your activities and increasing breathability. They didn’t forget about your armpits; the gusseted underarms were preserved to provide you the freedom to move as you wish. Yes, even in the rain, you can perform the Macarena (we tried it, but sadly don’t have a film to prove it — sorry).

Beta SL Jacket in the RainThe Beta SL features a long hemline and a somewhat asymmetrical design, ensuring that it covers your ass as thoroughly as possible. This is a feature that you won’t find on many other raincoats, and it comes in useful when it’s pouring outside. There is no longer a ledge to gather all of the water; it just rolls away.

Arc'teryx Beta SL Jacket Adjustable SleevesThe hood, sleeve opening, and hemline are the three primary features of the jacket that may be adjusted. These assist in tightening the coat around your body, keeping the wind and rain out. The sleeves are rather long on this activewear rain jacket, so the ability to cinch them in at the opening keeps them in place for anybody with t-rex or average arms. You’re fortunate if you have a +4 ape index since this jacket was designed just for you. Because the hood is rather broad, the ability to alter its depth and opening size is quite helpful. If you’re caught in a severe rainstorm, you may close the aperture so that just your eyes and nose are visible.

Arc'teryx Beta SL Jacket PocketsTwo large pockets with “WaterTightTM” zippers are included in the jacket. They’re large enough to fit your hands, a small notepad, and your phone inside. While the zippers are watertight, Arc’teryx warns that they are not waterproof, so don’t store anything in there that can’t get wet. So, chuck it in a little baggie first instead of slipping your phone in there. Fortunately, your hands won’t mind getting a bit wet. You’ll also note that there is no zipper pulls on any of the jacket’s zippers, which is done to reduce weight. It may take a little getting accustomed to shutting and opening them without the ease of a pull, but it’s not a big deal.

Arc'teryx Beta SL Jacket Made With Gore-TexThe Beta SL is constructed of “N40r GORE-TEX®,” a material known for its durability, waterproofness, windproofness, and breathability. To keep this cloth waterproof, it will need to care for a little. You’ll want to wash your jacket frequently depending on how often you wear it and how hard you use it to maintain its water and wind-resistant. It may be machine washed, but make sure you use the correct cleaning agent. Most technical clothes washes, such as “Granger’s Performance Wash,” will do the work, or you may use a soft detergent. Anything containing fabric softeners, colorants, bleach, or odors should be avoided. To ensure that all detergents are removed from your “GORE-TEX®” apparel, conduct a second rinse.

If you forget, the jacket comes with care instructions that explain how and when to wash it. If you want your jacket to last, following the instructions is essential. If your cat begins to lose waterproofing despite your best efforts, you may re-apply DWR (Durable Water Repellent) to prolong its life. When reapplying DWR, you have two options: spray on or wash in. Make sure you don’t use the spray as a wash-in or vice versa by following the manufacturer’s directions. It should mention which one is right in the name, as Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In does.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beta SL waterproof?

A: Beta SL is not waterproof.

Is Arcteryx Beta AR worth it?

A: Arcteryx Beta AR is a high-impact, hardshell backpack with many features. However, it doesnt have enough room to carry everything you might need, and it’s not as durable as other backpacks out there because of the less dense foam with which most of them are made.

How does the Arcteryx beta SL fit?

A: The Arcteryx Beta SL fits true to size.

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