HEROCLIP is one of the most popular hangers on Amazon. This review will cover what I liked about this item, how it compares to others, and whether or not you should buy it.

We’ve all been there, inwardly cringing as we drop our luggage to an airport bar’s floor, trying not to see how the floor gleams with who-knows-what under the lights or hear that awful shucking sound makes as our bag finally makes touch.

Heroclip’s creator came up with the concept while trekking with her children and wanted an “extra pair of hands,” but there are a million possible applications. As we previously stated, it’s a fantastic tool for keeping your bags and purses off sticky, filthy floors. Such flooring isn’t only prevalent at airport bars: we’ve seen them in airport restrooms, terminals, and even our own houses (maybe? ).

It’s as simple as twisting the internal carabiner down and out—the swivel spins 360°—and it’ll latch to any flat surface. Attach your bag, purse, duffel bag, or anything else to the carabiner side. A little piece of rubber is attached to the hook’s end to keep it firmly attached to the table.

The Heroclip may also be used as a carabiner, which has many applications ranging from keeping your keys safe inside a backpack to fastening your water bottle to a pack to connecting two bags. However, it’s worth noting that Heroclips should not be used for climbing.

Heroclip Water BottleIt comes in three sizes—mini, small, and medium—and ten colors at the time of this review. We’re partial to black in our house because we are. However, exciting colors like Woodland (camo), Solar Flare (orange and blue), and “Go Seattle” are available (green and blue).

Heroclip All SizesWhen it comes to the Heroclip, size is very significant, so think about how you’ll utilize it before you click “buy.” According to the Heroclip team, the mini can carry up to 40 pounds, the small up to 50 pounds, and the enormous size—medium—can handle up to 60 pounds. However, weight is just one aspect of the tale. Because many tables are too thick for tiny sizes, the medium will fit the most surfaces. Please look at the image below to see what we’re talking about.

Heroclip Not FittingBecause the Heroclips are lightweight and compact—the enormous size is still half the length of an iPhone 8—they’re simple to toss in your bag and forget about until you need them.

Heroclip With Phone And Wallet


The clips are aircraft-grade aluminum, with rubber gripping surfaces on the swivel and hook end. There’s not much to say here—the rubber grips surfaces (for the most part), and the metal has held up well, but we did notice a few minor scratches and hoped Heroclip could enhance their longevity in future versions.

Heroclip Rubber FootHeroclips are produced using CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines, a relatively new method of turning a computer design into a genuine product. The Heroclip crew says that manufacturing its Heroclips enables them to provide more colors and a more excellent finish, and we’ll believe them.

Testing & Durability

Heroclip ScuffFor a little over a month, we’ve been putting our Heroclips to the test. As a result, a few minor scratches may be seen on the sides and tops of all three sizes, as well as a more significant scrape on the mini’s top. However, the clips’ integrity has been unaffected by these blemishes. The clips are still clipping, the swivels are still swiveling, and everything is still holding its weyou going to purchase a carabiner, we believe you should get a Heroclip for the added utility.

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