The Hydro Flask 12 oz Coffee with Flex Sip Lid comes in various colors! It is the perfect-sized coffee mug for those who love to sip their morning beverages. This glass lid has an integrated straw, and its non-slip grip makes it easy to drink hands-free.

The Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee with Flex Sip Lid, as its name suggests, is best utilized for the wonderful liquid known as coffee. However, you may also use it to make tea, orange juice, and other non-carbonated beverages.

Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee With Flex Sip Lid With CoffeeThe Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee has a 12oz internal capacity, which isn’t great for water. But, while we’re out and about, we usually crave (ha) more water. However, if you’re searching for a bigger capacity reusable water bottle, Hydro Flask has a variety of possibilities.

We’ve been using the Hydro Flask Coffee for a month and have nothing but excellent things to say about it. So let’s get started with the review.

Usage & Features

Nothing is more annoying than having your coffee cool down before drinking it. (Although there are worse things—bee stings, walking on Legos, traffic—still, it’s not a pleasant sensation.) Fortunately, the 12oz Coffee has double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your coffee hot for hours (but it won’t protect you from stumbling on a Lego).

Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee With Flex Sip Lid MaterialWe’ve started the day by filling this with hot coffee and taking our time consuming it. It cools down gradually, but it’s still hot at the end of the day. That’s a heat retention time of nine or ten hours. It also excels at keeping cold liquids cool, which is excellent if you like iced coffee.

Because it’s stainless steel, it’ll last a long time. We’ve dropped it a few times and are happy to report that no dents or scratches have occurred (clumsy folks rejoice!). It also has no taste transfer, which is a significant bonus. Nobody wants their coffee to taste metallic.

Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee With Flex Sip Lid Interior We haven’t cleaned the bottle in two weeks to test its reaction to stains. But, again, this is for testing, not because we’re filthy. A tiny bit of coffee discoloration may be seen on the bottom, but it’s not horrible. It’s also less than we’ve found in previous tests of identical bottles. This bottle may be washed in the dishwasher (on the top rack).

The 12oz Coffee is very lightweight compared to other travel coffee cups of similar style. (It weighs 10.2 oz when empty, compared to the 12 oz Yeti Rambler, 16 oz.) We feel this is because the Hydro Flask Coffee is thinner for these bottles. Its thinness, however, does not imply that it is poorly insulated. This device, as previously said, specializes in keeping hot things hot and cold things cold.

Its little weight is also a bonus if you’re always on the run. It won’t add to the weight of your backpack.

Let’s speak about this Flex Sip Lid, intended mainly for hot beverages. It also works for cold drinks. However, we don’t suggest it for carbonated beverages. It’s only when the lid closes that it’s a problem.

Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee With Flex Sip Lid SealWe like how it seals, so you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks (another plus for us clumsy folk out there). The red seal may be seen when the lid is closed. We appreciate that it’s red since you can see whether it’s completed correctly with a quick look. Give it a half-twist, and it’ll open up in no time. An air hole in the bottle enables air to flow into it, allowing the coffee to pour out quickly. (The air hole enables steam to escape, albeit it doesn’t vent as effectively as some coffee mugs we’ve tried.)

Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee With Flex Sip Lid Air VentIf you fill the 12oz Coffee bottle, it may sometimes generate a vacuum within the bottle (by forming a bubble in the air hole and blocking it…or something). (We aren’t scientists.) The purpose is that this vacuum keeps the coffee from spilling out of the container and into your mouth, which is always upsetting at the time (and a little bit scary if you attempt to fix the problem by tilting the bottle further and further forward, thus risking a vast pour of a piping hot liquid down your throat or body).

By loosening the lid a crack, you may solve the issue. However, it’s also relatively uncommon. The first two weeks of testing occurred to us twice (and we use this thing daily). Furthermore, it only seems to happen when the container is overfilled. It hasn’t happened since we stopped filling the bottle as high.

This situation isn’t great. It may be aggravating. However, it isn’t a deal-breaker, in our opinion. (Especially now that we know how to repair it.)

Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee With Flex Sip Lid Lid Disassembled The cover disassembles as well, making cleaning a breeze. Unscrew the top, remove the seal, and unscrew the bottom. It’s pretty practical. Plus, putting everything back together is a breeze. In case you forget, there are instructions printed on the pieces.

Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee With Flex Sip Lid On BackpackThe lid also features a flexible handle that allows you to hang it on the outside of your bag (with the help of a carabiner). The bottle is tiny and light enough that depending on it from your pack won’t be too much of a hassle. Of course, it also fits into backpacks’ specific water bottle compartments.

Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee With Flex Sip Lid In DetroitLast but not least, we’d like to point you that there are seven hues to choose from (at the time of this review). So while you may not be able to locate a shade that speaks straight to your soul, you will almost certainly find one you like.

Overall, we’ve had a lot of fun sipping coffee from the Hydro Flask 12oz Coffee with Flex Sip Lid during the last month. We don’t expect this to alter anytime soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hydro Flask is best for coffee?

A: The Hydro Flask Standard Mouth is the best for coffee because it doesnt make a mess of your coffee when you open it and leaves less residue on the outside of the bottle.

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