The Ridge Wallet Review is a new up-and-coming cryptocurrency wallet that you can use to manage your digital assets. The wallet boasts an easy interface and doesn’t require any downloads, making it perfect for the novice or beginner in crypto.

When you only need a place to keep your cash and cards—and nothing else—the Ridge Wallet is a sleek, minimalist wallet constructed of sturdy materials. We’ve been testing it for two weeks, and it’s held up nicely, although getting to the cards may be a pain.


We’ve been trying out the titanium version, which consists of two titanium plates and an elastic strap that wraps around the sides and bottom of the plates to keep your cards safe.

The Ridge Wallet Titanium PlatesBurnt, Gunmetal, and Black are the three colors available for the titanium wallet. Any ideas as to what color we went with? Yes, it was completely black.

The money clip is available, but you may choose a cash strap instead. If you want to be fancy, you can have both by buying the one you didn’t select individually.

The Ridge Wallet Cash ClipWhile we’ve been testing the titanium version, we should point out that this wallet is also available in aluminum and carbon fiber. The metal is available in various colors, and the carbon fiber has that typical carbon fiber aesthetic.

The front and rear plates have screws on them, so you can quickly add or remove the clip or strap (conveniently, the wallet comes with a screwdriver). It’s even possible to have one on each side. We’re not going to go that far, but it’s an option if you want it.

Your cards are kept between two titanium plates you may access by fanning them out. The bottom of the deck has an indent where you may press your thumb to push the cards up. After you’ve lined up your cards at the top, press the plates at the bottom, and your cards will be fanned out.

The Ridge Wallet Tab IndentNow, we must admit that this procedure is a little fussy. You must, like Goldilocks, take your time to get things exactly right. We placed nine cards in this box, which turned out to be a lot. We discovered that anything with more than six cards is impossible to access. We’ve seen cards fly out the top a few times due to the titanium plates’ magnetism, so be cautious.

The Ridge Wallet with Fanned Cards is a great way to organize your cards.

We’ve also been accessing the cards by pushing them up at the bottom, fanning them out with our fingers, and flipping through them, which isn’t suggested. It’s not ideal since it puts too much strain on the elastic straps, but it’s handier than the first option. Getting to Cards in the Ridge Wallet

Overall, getting to your cards might be a chore. However, remember that the fewer cards you have, the simpler they are to obtain.

What do We enjoy?

One of the wallet’s main advantages is that it is RFID-blocking. Suppose your cards feature RFID sensor chips, which transmit radio signals for conveniences like contactless credit card purchases. In that case, hackers may practically grab your credit card information these days using RFID (radio frequency identification). When a hacker attempts to intercept this radio frequency and your data, RFID-blocking technology interferes.

While not everyone’s credit card has an RFID sensor chip, and it’s difficult to estimate how many RFID financial crimes have been perpetrated (it’s difficult to tell how stolen credit card information is acquired), it’s something to bear in mind traveling. As a result, this is a huge positive for us.

The magnetic titanium plates and elastic grips keep your cards and cash in place, preventing them from slipping. A leather wallet might relax with time, making it impossible to fit two cards into a pocket that previously held three or four. We’ve all been there: you have an excellent idea to clear out your wallet of unnecessary cards, only to find that the few remaining cards are dropping out randomly the next day. You’ll never have that issue with this wallet, which is a great plus in our book.

The Ridge Wallet Side Profile and ElasticWe also like how sturdy and well-made the wallet is. The Ridge crew didn’t cut corners when it came to materials. The elastic is the weak point, but we’ve had no problems with it thus far, and you can get a new flexible if you ever have a problem.

The Ridge Wallet ElasticFinally, the notion of flexible elastic access is unique, and we appreciate inventive design.

What We Believe Could Be Better?

Accessing your cards might be difficult—especially if you have more than six (although Ridge reports the wallet can hold up to 12 cards, which seems excessive). We hope Ridge takes this into account in their upcoming wallet development.

Titanium may also draw stains and dust. When we extract money from the cash clip, we see these tiny “marks.” We’re not sure whether they’re dust or part of the coating coming off the bills, but they’re easy to remove because they have a matte texture. On the front plate, there are a few minor nicks.

The Ridge Wallet comes with a guarantee that covers any manufacturing flaws; however, anything that occurs during use, such as tiny markings or elastic fraying, is unlikely to be covered. Unfortunately, we haven’t got the opportunity to put the warranty to the test, so we can’t tell for sure.

Finally, there are a lot of screws to undo and change, so the adjustment isn’t very straightforward.

The Ridge Wallet on a TableOverall, we had a great time testing the Ridge Wallet. It keeps your cards and cash organized and safe thanks to the firm, elastic, magnetic titanium plates. We only wish that getting to the cards was faster, especially if you have a lot on your plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which material is best for the Ridge wallet?

A: Polyurethane is a durable material that will last and withstand wear and tear. It also looks aesthetically pleasing if you look for a wallet style with sleek lines.

Does the titanium Ridge wallet scratch?

A: No, titanium was chosen because it is one of the most challenging and durable metals.

Which is the most vital Ridge wallet?

A: The Strongest Ridge Wallet is the Summit. Its made of 100% recycled leather, with a lifetime warranty, and comes in two different sizes.

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