Why would I buy a side tie?

Lateral filing cabinets are very versatile. This type of binder is suitable for documents of a letter and legal format because of their larger size. It can contain and store more documents and files than document storage cabinets.

What other benefits does it have? How does it work? We’ll work on this and all that. I’ll also list some brands of the side cabinets you need to buy for your home office.

Because side cabinets are more versatile, you can store documents in two ways: front and back or side by side. And thanks to its larger size than an upright cabinet, you can store more files.

The typical side cabinet for storing documents is 20 inches deep. And they are available in different widths to measure 30, 36, or 42 inches. You will also see cabinets with 2 drawers, while some may have more. Due to its larger dimensions, it takes up more space than vertical cabinets. But the good news is that it can hold and store more files than it takes up space.

How does it work? From the word itself, the documents are stored horizontally. It is often more efficient to archive documents with the size of the letters on the front and back. The boxes are deep enough to view all files directly.

It is also easier to find and access files from the side storage cabinet. It is therefore ideal for keeping the documents you take out often.

Best Lateral File Cabinets

1. Salinas side mold for furniture

This two-door side cabinet is the perfect addition to your home office. The cream color of the antique white finish gives a classic and comfortable look. In addition, it is equipped with elegant metal landing gear, which gives more charm to the case.

It’s a filing cabinet, but it doesn’t look too industrial or serious. It is also an ideal way to hide sensitive documents and files. This side showcase is charming enough to stand in the living room. And it can also act as a focal point.

All the pieces are nice and well done. The wardrobe has a considerable weight, which is an advantage for me. It shows the power of the cabinet. That’s why it doesn’t tip over, even when it’s full.

It is also a beautiful piece of furniture with wooden details with a curved base. You will also be happy to see how easy it is to access the boxes. Each drawer can be easily removed. This is because the boxes are fitted with ball-bearing slides. In this way, all boxes can easily be used.

You can also equip the drawers with locks. Each office can have its own locks. This allows you to protect your confidential files better. The Salina drawer has the dimensions 32 W x 20 D x 30 H. It is also available in grey and black capes.

Generally, it is a beautiful side cabinet with a rustic and antique look. It is perfect for those who need a side cabinet that looks more relaxed.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent customer service
  • Durable and reliable
  • The cabinets are carefully extended.
  • Easy access to files, even over long distances.


  • It may seem too nonchalant for some people.

2. HOMECHO Sideloading booth

If you need a more sophisticated and sophisticated storage system, the HOMECHO mobile side cabinet is a good choice. However, it’s more than just a side cabinet. It has several open and closed safes. It also has a large drawer on which printers can be placed.

The side cabinet for HOMECHO documents is also fitted with castors. This makes it easier to move from one room to another. And the wheels are locked so it can’t accidentally slip into the room. HOMECHO consists of two lower side cabinets, two open and one closed.

The two drawers are ideal for letters and certified documents, while the closed storage space can safely hold A4 files. The side drawers slide out easily, and access to the files is also easy from the back. Other open storage spaces can now be used as shelving, or you can present your collection.

And to prevent the cabinet from tipping over, you can only open one drawer at a time, this is called the tilt lock / And I think this is an important function for many cabinets.

It’s got a lot of details, but try not to overload it. It may take a while to get this whole station up and running. But the instructions were simple enough. Only many parts need to be inserted, which means more time for assembly. The woodwork also adds a touch of refinement.

Besides, it’s pretty strong and weighs 220 pounds. So you can put a ton of files and office supplies in there.

In short, if you are looking for something more than a normal side cabinet, this is highly recommended. It has got tons of storage space.


  • Equipped with 360 rotating wheels
  • It offers a lot of storage space
  • Convenient trimmings top
  • Made of ecological cardboard, it is waterproof and scratch-resistant.
  • Beautiful rustic woodwork
  • The crates glide smoothly.
  • Easy access to files
  • It has a rollover protection mechanism
  • It has holes for connections through which cords and cables are scanned.
  • Universal location
  • Easy to assemble

3. Basyx 434LL from HON

This side file cabinet with 4 drawers is made of putty steel. The steel material has a low maintenance cost. It’s not aggressive either. And you don’t have to worry about scratches and dents because this case is scratch-resistant. And it also consists of reinforced hull construction. So it’s a pretty solid and stable binder.

It comes with a locking system. This means that you can only open one cabinet at a time. This prevents the steel case from tipping over. This security feature gives you more confidence in your product. In addition, a 4-basin cabinet also has a 4-basin cabinet because higher cabinets have a higher risk of tipping over. It is also a robust side cabinet for storing documents.

The Basyx side cabinet is smoother, more compact, and ideal for small offices or small spaces. Despite the smaller profile, 4 drawers are sufficient to store letters legal and A4 documents.

In short, these 4 drawers from HON are ideal for small home offices. It is also a sturdy side cabinet for storing documents, which is equipped with an anti-tilt function.


  • Has 4 vertical reinforcements
  • Scratch and corrosion-resistant steel
  • Tilt function
  • The crates glide smoothly.
  • Supplied with suspension rails for files
  • Easy access to the built-in drawers
  • Compact


  • Some people think the box isn’t big enough.

4. Sauder Clifford

Sauder Clifford is an excellent option if you want a side cabinet screaming that I have my confidential files here.

It’s a beautiful piece of furniture that others wouldn’t even put behind a filing cabinet. Walnut cabinet panels with a wooden frame can give your home office a rustic charm. You could even put it in the living room. It can certainly make any room more attractive.

One of the main advantages of Sauder Clifford is that it has safety features that prevent the cabinet from falling over. It has a locking system, which means that you can only fully open one of the drawers at a time. And to protect documents and files, the boxes can be locked.

It is also made of solid wood and therefore has a considerable weight. But, above all, it is strong and durable. You can even see the fine grains of a tree, and it can emit more natural vibrations. And you can also feel the grain of the wood when you slide your hands over it. And the legs are also made of solid wood.

And you can even put a few things in the closet. For example, you can show some pictures or maybe even set an alarm clock in a rustic style according to the rustic furniture.

Usually, it’s a large side cabinet in the middle of the century where you can keep your files safe. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely durable and resistant.


  • Complete with suspension brackets
  • Spacious drawers
  • The crates glide smoothly.
  • It is equipped with holes for conducting cables and wires.
  • It has a protective mechanism


  • It can be difficult to put it together

Last Thoughts

Side storage cabinets can make your work easier. You can easily retrieve your files at any time. And the best brands are not only usable; they are even elegant and multifunctional.

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