Jibbon is a key organizer that can be used to store your keys, ID cards, and more. It comes with a durable stainless steel clip so you can attach it to your belt loop or bag strap for easy access.

The jibbon vs orbitkey reddit is a review of two similar programs. The jibbon key organizer is reviewed as being better than the orbitkey.

Prepare to have your mind blown if you’ve never used a key organizer before. While sitting next to them in a backpack/pocket/wherever, a key organizer guarantees that your keys don’t scrape up your things—phone, wallet, inside of your pocket, etc. It also keeps your keys looking neat and quiet.

If you’re sold, keep in mind that you have a lot of choices. Jibbon, which debuted its Important Organizer (actually spelt Organiser because it’s an Australian business) on Kickstarter in 2019, is one key (see what we did there?) participant.

Jibbon Key Organizer In DetroitIn Detroit, Jibbon Key Organizer

Three members of the Pack Hacker team spent five months putting the Jibbon Key Organizer and a few of its optional attachments through their paces in daily life and travel.

And we’ve been enjoying it a lot. While it is similar to the Orbitkey Key Organizer, it has a few important (and we could go on) changes that make it a pleasure to use. So, let’s have a look.

Usage & Features

The Jibbon Key Organizer has a refined, elegant look that we like. The Jibbon logo is embossed into the internal screw post, and although we prefer Helvetica here at Pack Hacker, the serif font that spells out “Jibbon” and “Italian leather” on the interior of the organizer is appealing. Serif typefaces just give a touch of old-fashioned beauty (if you’re a font geek like us, you’ll understand).

Jibbon Key Organizer MaterialMaterial for Jibbon Key Organizer

The smooth leather exterior, however, is responsible for the most of the elegance. Naturally, if you abstain from using animal products, this organizer is not for you. Aside from that, you’ll enjoy the fine Italian leather and craftsmanship. Plus, leather ages wonderfully, so it should only become more elegant with time. Of course, leather is susceptible to the weather, so don’t get caught in a downpour with your key organizer exposed.

This item is entirely made of stainless steel. One brief aside: the organizer’s packaging is constructed entirely of recyclable materials and is bonded using biodegradable corn starch. We always appreciate it when businesses strive to reduce their environmental impact, so we wanted to make sure to mention this.

The organizer is now available in four colorways: Black, Cocoa (dark brown), Tan, and Blush. You may also get it custom engraved with your name or the Pack Hacker initials if you want to be truly cool. The Jibbon Key Organizer’s slim design offers it a clean, professional appearance no matter which hue you select.

Jibbon Key Organizer ApartApart from Jibbon Key Organizer

Simply put your keys on the inside screw post and tighten it to arrange them. Your keys will still be loose enough that you can swivel them out with one hand to unlock doors, safes, or anything else you lock with a key (diaries?).

One thing to keep in mind is that keys with bigger eyelets will be less secure since they may slide about. While this is typical on key organizers in general, due of the size of the post and screw that hold your keys, it’s more apparent on the Jibbon.

Although the post is bigger than the screw, the majority of your keys will rest on the screw (unless you’re just using one or two). You may use bigger eyelets on the bottom of the Jibbon to make the most of the post’s width, but this will only assist so much. Other organizers, such as OrbitKey, get around this problem by making the post full-width. To keep everything snug, the KeySmart Key Organizer Original utilizes spacers.

This is a price to pay for the Jibbon Key Organizer’s sleekness and simplicity. Jibbon touts the absence of additional components as a benefit, claiming that there are no loose bits to deal with or assemble. To some extent, this is correct. Most users won’t have a problem with sliding keys, but it would be great if Jibbon offered the choice of a thicker post or some other additional component to assist alleviate the problem.

Jibbon Key Organizer Screw Lengths and Triangular ShapeScrew Lengths and Triangular Shape Jibbon Key Organizer

With the supplied extension, this organizer can store up to nine keys, and without it, it can handle around four or five. However, when you fill it up, it may begin to seem a bit strange. It appears nearly trapezoidal when full, with the leather stem curving inward. This isn’t a deal-breaker by any means, but it’s worth mentioning.

Jibbon Key Organizer Left SideLeft Side Jibbon Key Organizer

It has a fantastic design that closes with an internal clip that attaches to the screw post (where your keys are connected). The square end of the screw prevents it from inadvertently sliding around like a circular one. It’s also simple and fast to open. We put it to the test using a climbing gym permit that must be scanned upon entry. The barcode is intended to lie under the leather of the organizer, but this isn’t a huge issue since the pass opens up quickly and flashes the code.

When we dropped the organizer, the leather came apart from the clip. The keys, on the other hand, were fine and remained together well—all we had to do was snap them back together. It’s conceivable that the clip may get more sticky with time, but thus far it’s held up nicely.

Jibbon Key Organizer Attachment PointAttachment Point for Jibbon Key Organizer

The organizer also includes a fixed key D-ring for attaching particularly big keys (think vehicle keys), key fobs, or other things you wish to keep with your keys. If you want the Jibbon Key Organizer to be more of an accessory than an organizer, you may attach it to your belt, a lanyard, or anything. Furthermore, since this D-ring is fixed into the leather, it will not move about. It’s a tiny but important element.

Jibbon Key Organizer On KeysOn Keys Jibbon Key Organizer

We like it with the Kappa Quick Release keychain, which lets you easily remove parts of your keychain when you don’t need them, like your vehicle key if you’re going out bar hopping and intend to Uber home.

You may also get a titanium key ring, a multi-tool, and a USB drive when you purchase the key organizer.

We’ve been putting the USB drive and Jibbon Multi-Tool through its paces (which is a bottle opener, screwdriver, box cutter, nail file, and pry tool rolled into one). They both perform their duties well and fit well within the organizer. The multi-tool is approximately the same thickness as a key, if not slightly thicker.

Jibbon Key Organizer Multi-toolMulti-tool Jibbon Key Organizer

Testing & Durability

Three Pack Hacker team members have been testing the Jibbon Key Organizer for five months, as we stated at the start of this review. We’ve used it on many local and foreign travels and it’s been a fantastic addition. You won’t have to worry about scratching your laptop, phone, or wallet with your keys. You don’t have to go about with your keys jingling in your ears.

Jibbon Key Organizer In DetroitIn Detroit, Jibbon Key Organizer

Plus, it has a more streamlined, smaller appearance than keys on a keychain. It’ll fit easily into your pocket or the quick-grab pockets of sling bags and backpacks, which is ideal for travel.

And it’s been holding up well so far. The D-ring has a few minor scratches, but nothing serious. This item should last you a long time. And, if you encounter any problems, Jibbon offers a 3-year warranty (although your mileage may vary).

Jibbon Key Organizer is a great app for organizing your keys. It is available for iOS and Android, and is free to download. Reference: key organisation.

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