The Magnus Desk is made by Secretlab, a company from the Netherlands. This desk has some exciting features that most desks don’t have, like being height adjustable and having cable management slots on all sides of the desk! The Magnus Desk also includes several other options, such as extra storage space for books or magazines under one shelf with an integrated LED lamp to help read in dark rooms.


The “signature” Secretlab gamer style of the Magnus workstation is the first thing that hits you. Naturally, this design style immediately narrows the pool of potential buyers, but for those who like gaming desks, this is one of the nicest I’ve seen. The all-black appearance is simple and appealing to me, with the embossed Secretlab logos, red accents on the legs, and red stitching on the MAGPAD adding a unique twist. The floating illusion, where the desktop seems to be levitating, is one of the desk’s primary design advantages, and it distinguishes the Magnus.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 34

The desk is very typical in appearance, and its proportions aren’t out of the ordinary either. The bigger 1500mm(1.5m) version is seen here; however, Secretlab also offers a 1200mm(1.2m) version. If you have limited space or just do not want the larger desks, the 1.2m size is a good option. All the 1.2m and 1.5m models offer the same 700mm width and 735mm height, with 720mm of that area dedicated to your legs, which can comfortably accommodate a complete tower. The 1.5m desk weighs roughly 53KG in shipping and is around 41KG unpackaged. Because the more petite version only weighs around 35KG, you’re less likely to require assistance when constructing the 1.2m replicas, but I’d still advocate enlisting the support of the second set of hands.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 22

While the height is enough for most people, it may be increased by 20mm. Although you must manually spin each leg, this feature is essential to the overall design. It allows the product a lot more versatility with the many consumers likely to purchase it. Each leg has measurement indications so you can elevate the desk precisely. However, if you’re playing on an uneven surface, such as a rug halfway beneath the desk, you may adjust the legs to level the desktop.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 11


The desk is simple yet valuable, and it’s strong, as you’d expect for the price, with the bulk of the components made of metal. Of course, the Magnus desk’s fundamental notion is its magnetism, with each additional part pleasantly snapping into place. The surface seems to be powder coated and quite sturdy, but I assume that without the MAGPAD, you may anticipate equal wear and tear to other tables. It’s not a good idea to buy the desk without any extras, but you’ll still receive a nice-looking, well-designed piece of furniture, and the built-in Tray for Management of Cables is a significant selling feature.

The following items are included in the Secretlab Magnus base set:

  • Tray for Management of Cables
  • Tray for Management of Cables Cover
  • Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat – Signature Stealth Edition is available for free (launch promotion)

Management of Cables

As you can see above, the base product comes with the Tray for Management of Cables, as it is technically part of the desk itself. The tray sits hidden at the rear and is only visible from the back, which is likely against a wall in most people’s setups.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 29

The tray is accessed mainly through the hinged top cover, which is made of the same materials as the rest of the desktop and has a slight beveled edge and engraved logo. The heavy-duty hinges are sturdy enough to erect the lid while accessing the inside. The tray may also be accessed from beneath, using a magnetic trapdoor, from the front. The more minor magnetic cover may be used to get access to a power extension cable, enabling you to change out various plugs as required rapidly.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 24

MAGPAD Desk Mat by Secretlab

The MAGPAD comes free with the Magnus desk as part of the launch promotion, and it’s magnetic, in case you hadn’t guessed. I’d want to tell you that the MAGPAD is an area where you can save money when it’s no longer available, but I’d be lying; it’s amazing. You may struggle to distribute the MAGPAD evenly over the surface fast unless you follow Secretlabs’ instructions on how to roll it out, but it is rather simple to do so.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 16

The MAGPAD spans the Magnus’ whole primary desktop part, measuring about 1,485mm x 585mm. The MAGPAD has two magnetic end coverings that slip into place, combining with numerous magnets throughout the pad to keep it firmly attached to the surface.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 8

Although the MAGPAD may be used as a mouse pad, it is considerably less smooth than regular cotton pads, thus individuals who want mouse consistency will still want to use a mouse pad on top of it. With red stitching around the borders, the cushion has some of the same brandings as the Secretlab Titan seats. If you’re considering purchasing the desk, I’d recommend adding this as an optional extra; you won’t be disappointed, and it protects the surface from wear and strain.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 13

Management of Cables Bundle

The best add-on for the Magnus desk is the Management of Cables bundle, the second must-have if you plan on buying this. The bundle comes with a set of three magnetic anchors that not only look extremely cool but are highly functional and great for keeping your charging cables at arm’s length, ready to go.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 28

The set of two cable sheaths, which are likewise magnetic and effortlessly cling to the table legs to hide any power wires you need to run to the closest outlet, is another brilliant addition to the package. Finally, Secretlab has included some velcro fastening straps to assist organize your management tray’s wires.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 32

The complete bundle is not only very practical, but it also has an appealing look that blends in with the overall design.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 33

Bumpers with Magnets

Another optional extra with the Magnus is the Bumpers with Magnets. We received a pack of four, which are rubberized on the outside, so they can be snapped magnetically to the table legs, preventing any scuffing on your nearest wall.

Diffused RGB Strip MAGRGB

The amazingly brilliant RGB strip is the last addition we got. This strip is diffused in two sections to give the back of the desk a rainbow-like light. I have to admit, this works pretty well in a darker space, but it is an area where many people may try to save money. In principle, you could get the same effect with a lot cheaper product, but this one has built-in, powerful magnets that snap it into place quickly.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 31

Unfortunately, if you position the RGB strip correctly, with your PC on the right so you can see through the tempered glass, the USB power cable that powers the strip will not reach the PC. You can hook it into your display or a USB hub if necessary, or, as I did, into a USB socket, so it’s not a big deal.

SecretLab Magnus Desk 18

The RGB Strip has a tiny remote control that allows you to adjust the effects, choose a solid color, or turn it off completely.

What Else Can You Get From The Secretlab Magnus Desk?

Using Secretlab chairs as an example, it’s not unreasonable to believe that this desk will be available in a variety of colors. Additionally, you can now purchase various MANPADS to the Signature Stealth one we have here, although esports organization branded versions, it at least demonstrates future customization choices.

The Magnetic Headphone Hanger is the last add-on that we didn’t get but would suggest if you detest leaving your headset on your desk. The hanger, like everything else, snaps into place wherever you want it to, giving you a secure headset hook within reach.

Final Thoughts

The gaming desk industry has grown stagnant, with the majority of products falling short of Magnus’ level of usefulness and quality. The Magnus is a wonderful, if pricey, option for anybody searching just for a gaming workstation that does not need standing capabilities.

Do keep in mind, that it is advisable to get the MAGPAD and Management of Cables bundle, otherwise, it is just a desk with a tray. A small minor gripe is a slight wobble, which in fairness, fades when you have a PC and monitor on there, weighing it down but it is worth pointing out that this may not be as stable as we would like for the price.

The Magnus looks great and comes with some incredible little extras to potentially become the most excellent gaming desk on the market. This desk oozes quality, the magnetic concept is very innovative, and Management of Cables is made simple, an excellent gaming desk.

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