When you want to play music through your phone’s speakers, there’s always that little problem of not having any speakers. Well, thanks to some creative programmers, you can have your music or playlists through your phone’s built-in microphone, and enjoy the sound quality. The program is called Music Player Plus, and it will work with any application, including Android compatible ones. It doesn’t need root access, neither does it take up too much space.

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Music playback via microphone – easy operation

Using sounds and music to communicate with others during online games is a phenomenon that has become widespread in such a short time. Basically, the phenomenon where a microphone is used to transmit sounds and music is used by players and streamers to communicate with players or annoy them.

This is not only useful for games, but there is another scenario where playing music through a microphone can be useful, for example. For example, sharing or performing music for others via Skype. Today you can do almost anything you dreamed of years ago.

The possibilities are endless, you just need to know how to apply them.


As a gamer, you’re probably a streamer or you’re not yet. Next, you want to play music through a microphone. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard and you don’t have to go to professional gambling schools to learn it.

All you have to do is follow this article, and by the end we will definitely know how to play music through a microphone, although late, but known among gamers and streamers.

To play music through the microphone, you need certain software or programs. And most of them are free to download, so no problem. You should be careful when downloading because this software, which you can download for free, sometimes contains threats that can damage your computer.

We will show you the most efficient and easy way to play music with a microphone. There are several ways to do this. Each method requires a different software download. Here are some of the most common and simple methods.

Listening to music with a microphone

There are many ways to play music with a microphone, but we’ve listed the best examples that you’re sure to find useful.

Listening to music with a virtual microphone

Music playback via microphone

For this method, you will need a virtual audio cable and sound board, which you can easily download and are free.

Just search on Google and you will find many types of virtual cables. If you are not yet familiar with this method, I will tell you that this tool serves as an audio cable, but a virtual one. This means you need to configure the input and output in the computer.

And if the two parties are physically connected, your computer will automatically see that.

This software works as a daemon tool that creates a virtual CD or DVD drive with which you can run or start .iso files in the absence of a real CD or DVD.

The soundbar allows you to easily adjust the sounds transmitted through the microphone. To do this, you need to ask your computer to recognize the software as a real microphone by following the steps below:

Go to the Windows recording settings, then to the Recording tab, select Show disconnected device and enable cable output.

Once these settings are made, you can send audio files to others from your PC.  Repeat the same procedure on the reading wall. Then go into your laptop’s settings and set the virtual cable as the default audio output.

Sound card settings

Now go to the sound card settings and set the virtual cable as input. Allows you to connect the virtual microphone to your soundbar so you can control the music and sound you want to play.

You can listen to music and people can hear your voice at the same time. This is a simple and effective method. Make sure you configure everything correctly so that everything works as expected.

But with this method, you can’t hear what you’re saying. Your voice will only be heard by other players or people.

Read and use the second method if you also want to hear your voice through the microphone.

Listening to music through a microphone with a vote counter

This method is more or less the same as the previous one. You need to download Voice Meeter, a free software you can get online, and download the soundboard of your choice.

To avoid malware or other threats, we recommend you to download Voice Meeter from its official website, where it is free and 100% legal.

As for the sound card, you don’t have to worry about that, as it’s just a software program that can make sounds heard and played on your computer. You can easily download them by clicking on the search button next to the program name.

Download what you think is right, whatever it is. The sound card is very important because it serves as the link between the voice adapter and your sound. Once you’ve downloaded it and set up everything you need, you’re ready to get started.

Software Configurations

First, you need to set up your voice adapter as an audio input and output source on your computer. The microphone must be connected with a cable, right? Look at it. It works exactly like Voice Meeter – it acts as an audio tool for your computer. It then enables audio playback by creating an audio input and output in the computer.

Now it’s time to install the sound card. Open the sound card and set the input of the voice recorder to the output of the sound card. Just as the audio output should be on the speakers, the audio input should be set on the remote as your microphone.

Set the voice assistant as the default voice application.

Open the application where you want to play music through the microphone. The application can be of any type, for example. For example, a video game, a chat program, a voice recorder, or something else. Then, in the application-specific settings, set the voice assistant as the preferred audio input for the application.

Allows you to play sounds and music through the microphone. With the voice assistant and sound bar, you can now easily select music or sound files from your computer, without opening annoying or buggy tabs.

The advantage of this method is that it is not only easy to transmit sounds, but also to hear your voice.

Listening to music through a microphone with the unorthodox speaker method

And now, finally, we face the simplest way to play music or sound through a microphone. But unfortunately the sound quality for others (like voice receivers) is poor.

Connect the microphone or headset to your computer

If you use headphones, make sure they are near your desk or at least near the speakers. If you have a microphone, this is better because you can place it next to the speakers.

Connecting the speakers to an audio source

If you want to make a direct connection, you need a converter that can connect portable devices, such as. B. iPods that work well with this method are suitable.

Music is played through speakers while microphones record the sound.

In this case, place the microphone near the speakers and make sure they are positioned so that the microphone picks up the sound. That way, everyone you communicate with can hear everything you have to say. Keep in mind that the sound quality will be poor even if you have the best microphone.

This method offers poor sound quality, but it is the simplest of all and saves you a lot of hassle, such as. B. downloading and installing software, and then managing threats.

Also keep in mind that when you listen to music through a microphone, other sounds may disturb your voice or music. In this case, you can buy a high quality voice amplifier, which is the best option to filter out this noise.

Listening to music through a microphone with stereo mix


A simple method without software is to use the stereo mix on the computer. I would say this is the safest way to play music through a microphone. With this method, anything you say can easily be heard by others, and others can hear anything you play.

The steps of this method are described below.

  • Hover the mouse pointer over the volume icon in the lower right-hand corner of the taskbar, then right-click on it.
  • A menu with several options appears, select the recording devices from this menu.
  • A new dialog box will appear. Select the record there.
  • Move the cursor to an empty area, right-click on it, and then activate the Show disconnected devices and Show disconnected devices options.
  • The Stereo Mix option is displayed. Right-click the mouse and then click the power button. If you set the microphone as the default audio input, you can easily use it to stream, play games or listen to others’ music online.

If you can’t find the options for mixing or stereo playback, you need to install a new sound card, because that’s what happens if your sound card doesn’t offer these features.

Using a voice changer to play music through a microphone with


For this method, you will need the help of commercial software to perform the task of playing music through the microphone. As the name suggests, Voice Changer works as a voice amplifier that changes the pitch and distortion of the user’s voice. In addition to the voice changer, there are several commercial applications on the market, such as MorphVox Pro and Sound Notepad, that can be used to get the correct answer. To get a closer look at the product, they offer a demo to help users decide whether or not the product is right for them.

To use it to play music through the microphone, follow the steps below:

  • Connect a microphone to the MorphVox pro application and it will automatically check if the microphone is connected correctly or not.
  • Go to the audio settings and find the Hidden Connections option.
  • You will find the microphone option there, click on it and complete the connection process.
  • Your microphone is now connected to the application, but you still need to make some settings, such as B. Set the connected input and output devices. Make sure you have selected the microphone in the audio output for standard audio output.

Microphone and music

Here’s a quick note on what to consider when playing music with a microphone. Okay, here we go.

The quality of the voice transmitted by your microphone and received by the person with whom you are speaking depends on the method you choose. If you use a method where the microphone is placed close to the speakers (method 3), do not expect good sound at the receiving end. Broadcasting music through a microphone can be distracting to other people.

When you stream and play, your music may disturb other players because not everyone has the same test.

Try these methods with the best mp3 you have. The location of the microphone stand is also important, so make sure it is in the right place. Otherwise, you’re sending out the wrong voice.


These are just some of the methods you can use to stream music through a microphone. There are many other approaches, but these are the simplest and the most proven. Remember that not all programs are free, and not all programs will solve your problem for the price, so it’s best to check their trial versions.

The applications described above are very easy to use and reliable. In their test version, you can still use many features. If you follow the above steps, you will find that you can easily play music with your microphone. However, if you encounter a problem along the way, don’t hesitate to ask, we’ll be there to solve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play music through my mic Windows 10?

You can play music through your mic by using the Windows Media Player.

How do I play Spotify through my mic?

You can use your mic to play Spotify through your computer. How do I play Spotify through my TV? You can use your TV to play Spotify through your computer.

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