Cocoon Innovations Grid-It 2-Year Review Cocoon has been a staple in the market for years. The design is simple and can be used by almost anyone, any size of the item.

Cocoon Innovations must have recognized they had something great when they came up with the ‘Grid-It’ system since it’s included on practically every product they make, from backpacks to laptop sleeves. The organizer, which we’ll be evaluating, is essentially a flat panel with a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands meant to hold and arrange your electronics. It’s “a gadget’s best buddy,” as they put it. Is that true, though?

Technology-based on the grid

The Grid-It technology is a patent-pending unique technology that seems relatively straightforward at first glance. It’s designed to store, carry, and protect your electronic devices and does it admirably.

Grid-It daypack compartmentThe rubber on the elastic bands is what ties everything together. They’re sticky enough to ensure that anything you put in there doesn’t fall out. The bands aren’t simply rubber; they’re fabric with rubberized dots running through them, making them pleasant to the touch and allowing you to slip items in quickly and out. The Grid-based It’s ideal for things like an external hard disk. Even more miniature goods, such as camera batteries, may encounter less stress in the bands; the rubberized texture securing them works just as effectively. You can assume that an object will remain in place if it fits inside the bars. Nonetheless, we believe there is a limit. We can almost get away with carrying a macbook charger, but we don’t do it daily since it’s rather weighty and makes it seem a little unbalanced. The Grid-frame-sheet is relatively solid; nevertheless, when heavier objects are added, there is some flex—you don’t want to push it.

Grid-It Macbook chargerWe’ve never had anything fall out of the Grid-It, and you shouldn’t either if you secure the object appropriately. Over three years of testing this product, we’ve gained a lot of confidence in the Grid-It technology. Having stated that, we are cautious in our use of it. Individual devices seldom grab on objects in the main compartment of a bag, causing them to loosen. We usually store the Grid-It in a thin secondary bag compartment or the laptop compartment if the bag has one.

One disadvantage of the Grid-It is that it offers no protection; your devices are just held with elastic bands, not completely enclosed. This implies that you must go out of your way to safeguard it. If you’re going to store it in your bag, make sure it’s sufficiently cushioned. We expected this to be a greater problem, but as long as you take care of it and know what to anticipate, you’ll be OK. If you have a virtual hard drive, treat it as if it were a virtual hard drive.

The suppleness of the bands has proven to be excellent. When you take out a more significant object, like a macbook charger, which strains the rounds in the weave for an extended period, the bands immediately return to normal with no loss of tension. We expected them to be a little loose, but the Grid-It blew us away.

The Grid-ability It’s to be entirely customized is a significant selling factor. There are a zillion ways to cram your belongings inside this gadget. The only disadvantage is that you must choose the best method. If you’re fully using the available space, you may find yourself spending a significant amount of time attempting to figure it all out. However, the Grid-It does not have to be filled; depending on the situation, we may use it with a few objects. The combinations are essentially limitless, allowing you to utilize them it any way you choose.


We’ve been trying a 12-inch (30.5cm) wide Grid-It organizer with a 0.375 inch (1cm) depth and an 8-inch (20.3cm) height. We’ve found that this size is ideal for one-bag travel. It’ll fit into almost any daypack or travel bag with ease, and it’ll be plenty large enough to hold all of your essentials.

Cocoon Innovations Grid-It dimensionsIf you’re looking for something a little smaller or bigger, Cocoon Innovations has you covered. They make a variety of sizes, ranging from a 75-inch Extra Small to an 1115-inch Large. If you wanted to, you could put a big in your main compartment, a medium in your daypack, and a small in your front compartment.

The medium-sized organizer weighs 0.731 pounds (0.33 kilograms), which is rather light. The Grid-It now seems robust, with a little flex that won’t cause it to bend totally out of shape. Overall, it seems to be well-made. Of course, when it comes to weight, the most important aspect is when you start filling this thing full. Smaller goods, such as USB sticks and memory cards, won’t add much weight, but larger ones, such as a huge power bank, will quickly pile up.


We wrote Cocoon Innovations since the materials and fabric used in the Grid-It aren’t listed on their website. “Our list of materials is secret,” they said, “but I can tell you that we utilize high-grade materials such as polyester, taslon, and elastic.” It turns out that this information isn’t shown on the website since it’s top-secret! This is logical, given that the rubberized bands include some fairly amazing technology, and the Grid-It is, after all, a private patent-pending product.

Features Not Included

Although the whole front panel is constructed of Grid-It weave, this item has some highly fascinating extra functions. You can hook this item up with a looped tab on the side. We’ve never really utilized it, but it’s there. Instead of placing it on a side table, you might hang it if your Airbnb or hotel has a key or coat hook.

Grid-It daypack compartmentThe Grid-It organizer’s zippered rear section is one of our favorites. This small gadget is fantastic, and we found ourselves utilizing it for various purposes while traveling. You’ll want to keep it for flat stuff only. However, it was ideal for passports and paperwork. We found ourselves utilizing it as a concealed compartment to store some additional cash in case of an emergency regularly.

Testing & Durability

The medium Grid-It has held up exceptionally well after three years of testing, despite never being in danger. It’s normally tucked away in a bag or sitting on a table, presumably why it’s held up so well, but three years is still a long time. The only indications of wear are a smidgeon of fraying and discoloration around the edges. It doesn’t seem to be fresh new, but neither does it appear to be worn out. The rubberized elastic bands are still in good working order, keeping each item securely in place, and the rear compartment zip is fully functional.

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