How to remove a scratched screw from the laptop – simple steps

We hope that you never find yourself in a situation where you are looking for How to remove a loose screw from a laptop. But if you’re repairing a laptop or just looking at the inside of a laptop, chances are you’ll encounter a screw problem.

You have a lot of problems that a lot of people usually scratch up, like screw damage or a screw.

The screw used in the laptop is small and only works with a screwdriver of a certain size. And if a screw is accidentally overtightened or the screwdriver is not the right size, the head of the screw may become stuck or damaged and you will have no way to check it and turn the screw.

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This is a serious problem because once the screw is damaged or removed, there is less opportunity to repair it.

But with us at Backup, you don’t have to worry about that because we have the solutions for removing the stripped screw from your laptop.

In this article, we will list some ways to remove a broken screw from your laptop.

Let’s assume that the head of the screw has already been removed and the screwdriver you are using cannot get the right grip to remove the screw. What do we do now? Just follow this article from start to finish and you’ll get there easily.

Before I start this article, I want to tell you that as a Mac user you should know that Apple uses a rather special screw that is rare and hard to find on the market.

If you are stuck in such a situation, the best option is a screwdriver of the right size to unscrew it. Otherwise, you may damage the entire motherboard if you use the wrong size screw.

Removing a Stripped Screw from a Notebook

Removing a damaged or removed screw takes a lot of concentration, but is actually quite simple. In this article, we will list several methods you can use to remove a cut screw from your laptop. Choose the methods that seem best to you (they all work well).

Method 1: Use of an elastic band

Using a rubber band can be a good way to remove a removed screw from a laptop. With this method, you’ll need to focus. The surface of the rubber band holds the screwdriver at the breaking point.

This can be done, for example, with an elastic band or a rubber band. For example, with a piece of bicycle inner tube for the car, such as a long rubber tire or rubber band can get the maximum strength to hold the screw head and screwdriver.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Put the rubber band on the end of the screwdriver.
  • Make sure you press hard enough so that the rubber of the elastic rod is tight against the screw.
  • If the screw is only partially or half damaged, you can use this rubber band to repair the damaged areas.

Method 2: Using a screwdriver

First optimize the grip of the screwdriver, if you are still able to hold the screwdriver, try one last time, and this time try to remove the screw by hand, keeping these instructions in mind.

  1. If the screw is tightened with an oil spray, metal type WD40, and leave for 15 minutes.
  2. Now use the most appropriate screw size to tighten your screw.
  3. If possible, you can also grip the screw handle with a wrench for a better grip.
  4. You can also use fabric or other material to provide additional support. If the screwdriver doesn’t grab the right spot, you can cover it with a cloth and then press the screwdriver there.
  5. You can also use a hammer to push a screwdriver into the area. Handle the screwdriver carefully and make sure the head of the screw does not break. If it worked, it will work to make a new groove or place for the screwdriver. (This is a good option if the screw is screwed in).
  6. You can also make a #1 square bit and pound it into the head of the screw, until the screw head moves.
  7. Now push harder and harder on the wheel. Place the palm of your hand against the end of the screwdriver and use your forearm to turn the screwdriver.

Message: If the screwdriver you are using slips, do not try it, as slipping the screwdriver will further wear the head of the screw and make it difficult to remove.

  • You can also heat the area, but be careful not to damage it or the object attached to it. This can cause the wire to break. Once loosened, you can easily remove the screw from the motherboard.
  • You can also use a hacksaw or a Dremel to cut a flat head on it. Insert the head of the Dremel or slotted screwdriver into the head of the thread and then try to turn it.

Method 3: Use an impact wrench

With an impact wrench, which uses a weight and a spring to push the screwdriver a little further into the screw. These tools are often used on construction sites. Don’t go for the cheap models with a stiff spring, but one with a powerful hammer that blows to work.

  • Some models are equipped with a switch to release the screw handle. On the other hand, you have to adjust the direction by turning the knob.
  • Place the screwdriver at a 90-degree angle to the wall and remember to grab the speaker in the middle.
  • Now hit the end with a hammer. (Some flights have returned to the reverse position. Therefore, check the direction of rotation of the screw and you can also put them back in the loose position).
  • Repeat the procedure until the screw is loose.

Additional methods

You can also use a nut, which you screw on with epoxy and then pierce the head of the bolt to loosen it. If that still doesn’t work, choose a drill that is larger and wider than the tree.

If you are still in the same situation as before, we recommend that you call in a professional. That might be the best way to make it work.


Therefore, in this article, we have listed the different ways to remove the stripped screw from your laptop.

Good luck.

About the author

Stephen Hauken

It’s me, Steven Hauken, a software engineer from the United States of America. A lover of technology and gadgets. I love writing about tech gadgets and news about upcoming tech events.

frequently asked questions

How do I remove the scratched disk from my laptop?

Try using the rubber band Push the screwdriver into the screw and apply pressure while turning to get a grip and turn the screw. The screwdriver compresses the elastic and improves the grip of the screw. If the screw is completely removed, the rubber band has no slots to fill and this method may not work.

How do you remove the screw if the head is off?

Sometimes you just need a little more grip on the stripped screw head to get it out. Slide the rubber band over the screw with the stripped side and insert the screwdriver firmly into the screw head. Remove the screw with slow, firm pressure. The key to this method is to go as slow as possible.

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