The Prometheus Lights Beta Flashlight is one of the highest-rated flashlights on Amazon, with thousands of reviews and five-star ratings. The light has a maximum intensity setting, so you can choose between low or high power to save battery life, as well as an adjustable brightness level that lets you customize your experience for different uses.

The Prometheus Beta QRV2 is a small keychain flashlight that combines exceptional mobility with functionality. Prometheus Lights founder Jason Hui began making flashlights because he wanted something more practical and portable than the conventional Maglite—and he succeeded.

Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2 FrontPrometheus Lights says this light is 50% more potent than a Maglite. Yes, a Maglite—one of those massive flashlights that cops carry with them. Can you picture a cop having one of these around? They may enjoy the weight loss, but it’s less frightening. So, let’s get started with the review.

This flashlight is teeny-tiny, as we’ve previously said. Is it approximately the size of a very tiny pen? It’s.5 x 2.875 x.5 inches (1.27 x 7.3 x 1.27 cm). Is it a chunk of chalk? It’s very tiny, nearly to the point of being unusable. It would be quite simple to misplace this item.

Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2 Top DetailCompared to a conventional Maglite, which weighs almost 27 times as much, it only weighs 0.85 ounces (without the AAA battery inside). On its maximum setting, it also produces 80 lumens. We don’t want to beat a dead horse, but consider this: a conventional Maglite only produces 27 lumens! It’s incredible how they could cram all of this power into such a little gadget. Don’t let it get the best of you.

Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2 ColorsWhen you hold the Beta QRv2 in your hand, it feels great. Despite its low weight, it has a strong, robust, and well-made feel, which we appreciate. The HAIII black color is the one we’re looking at, but it’s also available in Electroless Nickel, Solid Copper, and Solid Brass. They seem excellent and smooth, but the logo appears to be a little off-center compared to the grooves. I’m not sure how Prometheus Lights got away with it—come on, guys! It’s not a big issue, but it does seem strange.

The light is turned on by twisting, and it has two brightness settings: low brightness mode and high brightness mode. The top also twists off to provide access to the battery, which is a single AAA battery. Simply remove the cap and place the battery approximately a third of the way down the tube. With all of this twisting, we expected some problems, such as the top being untwisted by mistake or threads stripping. We’re pleased to report that the cables have held up well, and there’s enough threading to ensure that nothing comes undone on its own.

Undoubtedly, other flashlights are as portable and brilliant as this one. The keychain fast release mechanism, however, is what sets the Beta different. A clip is connected to a keychain at the end of the flashlight. The best thing is that the keychain clip includes a built-in quick-release mechanism, so you can simply detach the flashlight from the keychain anytime you need it. Merely attach the keychain to any flap or loop in your luggage (ideally on the inside to prevent theft) and snap off the light whenever you need it. Snap the light back onto the keychain when you’re done. You’ll never have to deal with putting key rings on and off again. Furthermore, the whole system is very long-lasting. It’s well-secured and hasn’t come off in one of our bags on its own, which was a pleasant surprise after thorough testing.

Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2 Quick ReleaseThis device puts off 80 lumens, as we stated. It’s difficult to describe what it looks like, but it’s very bright. We’ve used it previously in a two-person tent by connecting it to a loop at the top, which lighted up the whole tent well. Because it’s so tiny, it’s also relatively simple to put in your mouth if you need to. It’s not a headlight and not very delicious, but it’ll do in a hurry and provide enough light for two-handed activities.

The quality and durability of this lamp have amazed us. Prometheus Lights is renowned for its careful attention to detail regarding the creation of each light, and it shows. They don’t produce everything in-house, but they ensure that all components are up to par. The Beta, on the other hand, is more expensive. The light costs $59.00 at the time of this review. For a flashlight, it’s a little pricey, but you get what you paid for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Prometheus flashlights made?

A: Prometheus is a brand of flashlights, not just one specific flashlight. The company in charge of manufacturing the lights is Fenix Outdoor Products Ltd., located in Hong Kong.

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