The Fnatic Clutch 2 is a high-end gaming mouse that will satisfy the needs of most gamers. It has perfect ergonomics, enormous customization options, and an excellent sensor to boot! In addition, the redesigned and updated Clutch mouse from Fnatic is an all-around performer that feels good in the hand.

Fnatic Gear, a product line from the world-recognized E-sports organization ‘Fnatic,’ has been making peripherals for a time now. The mice are part of a series of goods that the company has begun to create, including keyboards and headsets, with the Fnatic Gaming mouse Clutch 2 being one of them. The Clutch has been rebuilt from the previous model, and many changes have been made. For example, the insides have been overhauled to improve specifications, the dimensions have altered along with the weight, and gripping textured sides have been added.

The Clutch 2 is the right-handed sibling of the Flick 2 and has identical specs under the shell. Under the major buttons, Fnatic used a PixArt PMW3360 optical sensor, and Omron manufactured switches. The Clutch has RGB and the largest skates I’ve ever used.


  • Shape – Comfortable to use.
  • Sensor — A well-liked sensor.
  • Well-Constructed — It has a substantial feel about it.
  • XL Skates are the giant skates available.

Fnatic Clutch 2 image 8

Mouse Size & Weight

  • 97g in weight
  • Medium in size
  • 13.1 cm (4.1 inches) in length
  • 6.6 cm – 2.7-inch width
  • 4.3 cm – 1.7 inches tall
  • Right-hand orientation

Mouse Technology

  • Optical sensor: PMW3360
  • Omron D2FC-F-K Buttons (50M)
  • 200-12000 DPI (increments of 100)
  • 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Wired connection
  • Non-braided cable
  • The cable is 1.8 meters long.

What is included in the box?

Fnatic Clutch 2

The mouse is packaged in a really attractive packaging. The black and white motif is consistent with the mouse design, and the box is extremely substantial and sturdy. Like a watch box or an old VHS cassette, it slides open to expose the product.

We find the following items inside:

  • Gaming mouse Clutch 2
  • Stickers
  • User’s Manual

Size & Weight

Fnatic Clutch 2 image 5

The Fnatic Clutch has a large overall size and is as long as the Rival 600 at 13.1 cm. The length may be a challenge for tiny hands, but use our hand size reference to see how the Clutch fits. The mouse is designed to accommodate medium-sized hands and has a width of 6.6 cm, narrower than what you’d see in ambidextrous mice but large enough to hold securely. The Clutch stands 4.3 cm tall, with a hump resting approximately in the center, similar to the Razer Mamba. The sides taper in to provide you a smaller grip area, and I would have liked to see more defined edges or, at the very least, more prominent ledges since the mouse seemed like it might easily slide out of my hold. The Clutch’s overall size and appearance are simple, and it reminds me of a couple of Zowie mice.

Fnatic claims the Clutch two weighs 97 grams, but I found it over 100 grams every time I weighed it, even after accounting for the cable. The Clutch 2 is 7 grams heavier (at least) than its predecessor, yet it still feels incredibly light in hand because of the massive skates on the bottom. The weight is divided evenly, and the mouse is well balanced. Even with tiny hands, this mouse’s lightweight nature and low breadth make it suitable for lengthy gaming sessions. Fnatic claims it’s a comparable weight to the EC series, but it’s closer to the Razer Mamba wireless.

Shape & Texture

Fnatic Clutch 2 image 6

As I previously said, the Clutch 2’s form reminds me of a Zowie since it’s a simple-looking mouse with smooth curves and grooves. Unlike the ambidextrous Flick 2, the Clutch has been intended to fit comfortably in your right hand, which Fnatic has accomplished. The mouse is reasonably comfortable due to its relatively safe design. Thus many gamers of various hand sizes and grip types should be able to control the Clutch 2. The mouse seems somewhat too long in the body and too thin to handle adequately for my (hands 1811 cm) hands, so they may have played it too conservatively. The Clutch lacks the smart Deathadder Elite’s mix of grip and comfort. The mouse’s curvature seems to be somewhat centered towards the rear, and it bends down to the top buttons a little steeper than some other mice. It gradually slopes down towards the palm, which I dislike since it somewhat interferes with my palm grip, but that might just be me. Although they aren’t the nicest, the mouse tapers in at the sides into some comfortable grip grooves. There isn’t enough of a ledge to give you a decent grasp on the mouse. It has rubberized sticky sides, which are a nice touch, but the form doesn’t provide me a comfortable, dependable grip at all times, which I expect from mice costing £50/$50 and above.

The texture is akin to Zowie’s earlier EC or FK series. The material is matte plastic with a smooth texture that has a pleasant feel. One of the enhancements over the previous Clutch mouse is the addition of a soft touch rubber covering on the sides for enhanced grip. In addition, the sides include a pinhole texture, which adds to the grip. The Clutch’s plastic covering isn’t as slippery as the newer EC series, and it has a little grip to it, so don’t worry if your hands are sweaty. The top shell is made of one piece of plastic, and I couldn’t hear a peep from the Clutch after giving it a good shake; it’s sturdy!


Fnatic Clutch 2 image 9

Underneath the top buttons are Omron-developed switches with a 50-million-click lifespan. The buttons had a low actuation and an excellent enough click. However, the significant controls were somewhat tougher to activate when I palm grabbed the mouse. There are no concerns with the major buttons since they sound fantastic and operate as promised. The major buttons include some subtle comfort grooves that are difficult to see at a first look yet keep your fingertips moving to the center of the buttons.

A clickable wheel is snuggled between the buttons; the wheel is a little firm to push, but the travel is modest, and it operates as well as any other. When scrolling, the wheel provides tactile feedback and is convenient while gaming or surfing. The wheel is low in the shell, making very little noise, and has a notched rubber texture that makes it easy to grasp.

Behind the wheel is a pre-programmed DPI button to allow you to adjust your DPI right away without having to install any software. Tiny LEDs show the DPI setting you’re on along the left ridge. The button rests in its groove, making it impossible to push accidentally.

Two side buttons are located above the thumb groove on the Clutch 2. The buttons are large and bulky, taking up a lot of room. Although their size makes them easy to press, I did find myself accidently pressing the incorrect thumb button or adjusting my grip while activating. The side buttons have a great click to them and seem to be responsive. However, I would have wanted to see them with a lower profile.


The clutch cable is 1.8 meters in length. Because it isn’t braided, it is naturally thin and silky. The cable seems to be low-cost since it does not iron out bends properly after being taken out of the box. I was in a hurry to go to work, so I wrapped the cord around the mouse rapidly, giving it a rough texture that I couldn’t seem to get rid of. The wire was too thin for my cheap bungee but sat without trouble in the Zowie and Razer bungees. Being non-braided isn’t a problem. I don’t believe it makes much of a difference.

Sensor & Performance

Fnatic Clutch 2 image 12

The PMW3310 sensor was used in the previous Clutch generation, and it was a great sensor to utilize a few years ago. The Clutch 2 has been updated in several ways, including the addition of the PWM3360! This fantastic PixArt sensor is one of the most dependable and consistent I’ve ever used, and I haven’t had any troubles with it throughout the several mice that utilize it. This update is identical to the one found in the EC-B series, and it worked successfully in my tests.

This highly praised sensor provided flawless tracking and felt quite accurate, but the shape, regrettably, detracted from the overall performance of the mouse. The mouse worked well, and it was simple to adjust and aim with. Although tracking with the crosshair seemed simple, I couldn’t get accustomed to the mouse’s grasp. The flick 2 appears to be more intriguing and comfortable, which is terrible news for a right-hand ergonomic mouse. So, although the mouse is simple to use and functions as anticipated, something is lacking. There are a lot of choices around the same pricing point, which puts the Clutch 2 at the bottom of a long list of possibilities unless you’re a huge Fnatic fan.


Fnatic’s software, known as ‘OP,’ has a funny marketing term like everything else they offer, but the program isn’t ‘overpowered,’ in case you were wondering. The program functions and you can download it from the Fnatic OP website. However, it should be noted that it is currently in early access. The OP program isn’t awe-inspiring, but it works and does what I need to do to play my FPS games, so I’m satisfied. The software is more user-friendly than HyperX’s Ngenuity, and the mouse is ready to use right out of the box, which few manufacturers can provide. However, if you want to install the program, you’ll face a product page filled with peripherals you don’t have (click the device you own). The software has a great, straightforward feel, and I didn’t have any trouble changing settings, which isn’t often the case with this kind of tool. You have complete control over the performance, illumination, and key bindings. For example, in ‘performance,’ you may adjust polling rate and DPI and toggle angle snapping on/off and set the LOD between 2 and 3 mm. There are a few simple lighting effects to experiment with, and the mouse will store them in its onboard memory, which is beneficial for those traveling.


Overall, the build quality was surprisingly lovely; it feels strong and has operated flawlessly for the last 5 or 6 days. It looks great on the desk and is comfortable to use, although the RBG seems unnecessary, and they could have certainly cut some weight off the clutch 2. The Fnatic Clutch 2 mouse is a decent alternative, and it served me well in CSGO and PUBG, but there is just too much competition from reputable manufacturers for rougInstead, there50/$50. There are immensely comfier mice for a comparable price, such as the Deathadder Elite, Corsair Glaive, and HyperX FPS Pro, which provide a right-handed mouse with similar specifications, but superior features and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fnatic mouse good?

A: Yes, the Fnatic is good. It has a high DPI and can be configured to fit any need you may have. The weight system on it also helps when playing games like CSGO.

What mouse does fnatic use?

A: fnatic does not share their mouse settings.

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