You’ve probably seen the “L” shaped standing desk, where two desks are placed at right angles, with a pull-up bar for each. The idea is simple: by standing at an “L” shaped desk, you eliminate the chair in front of your desk, which can lead to better posture and reduce stress on your back, joints, and back muscles.

The idea behind having two standing desks is to have one for work and a second for the home to maximize your work and play space in the living area. The problem is that they tend to be very different desks, each with its own merits, drawbacks, and quirks. Some desks are taller than they are wide, so the fact that the desk is tall and narrow is also beneficial for getting up to reach the top of the desk. Others are too wide for a standing desk, so you must prop them up against a wall. Some are too tall, so you can’t use them for standing.

There are two ways to look at the world of standing desks. On the one hand, you can think of them as a productivity-enhancing tool that allows you to sit down while doing your work. On the other hand, you can think of them as a workout tool that keeps you standing and walking around for extended periods to burn more calories and stay fit. For those who are more interested in the latter, there are now two different options that can fit any desk: L-shaped and flat. If you need more space, but your home office is relatively small, an L-shaped desk is just what you need. This slight curvature of the L-shaped table provides extra space to place other objects on it. But did you know you can make an L-shaped table by joining two tables at right angles? Sounds crazy. But yes, you can make an L-shaped table! So, which option would be best for you? Is it worth buying a prefabricated L-shaped table, or is it better to buy two tables and build them yourself? We will discuss the pros and cons of each device to help you make your decision.

Why use an L-shaped table?

We explain how you can benefit from an L-shaped desk.

Individual workstations

It is easy to create two separate workstations. We love the way L-shaped desks help tidy up your workspace. You can specify an area where you can place all papers and materials so they don’t interfere with the keyboard. And a tidy workplace is always conducive to more productive work. Not to mention that it won’t be visible. You can even have a nice corner where you can put cacti and succulents to cheer you up. Although the same thing is possible with two vertical tables, you must set them up yourself. This may be an additional task for you.

More extensive work area with the smaller footprint

One of the great benefits of L-shaped desks is that they give you more working space without taking up too much room. In addition, because you can place it close to the floor in a corner, you can use the dead space in the room and turn it into a functional space. This is probably the main reason why many people choose L-shaped tables.

Maximize office space

L-shaped desks allow you to create a more meaningful workspace. Easily change the workstations or the design of the workstation. An L-shaped table can do many things. On the other hand, a traditional square table does not offer you this advantage. But remember, we’re talking about a refined table. The combination of the two paintings is another matter, which we will discuss later.

L-shaped tables and their disadvantages

There may be unusable dead space.

Depending on how you set up your workstation, this can be an advantage or a disadvantage. If you don’t create an orderly layout, you may have a dead space in the corner. But the good news is that this quiet space can accommodate a computer or printer. You need to know how to set up your office as efficiently as possible.

More difficult to mount

Because L-shaped tables have large, bulky tops, they can be more complicated and time-consuming to put together. Unlike a traditional square table, it usually requires help to set it up. It is not always the work of one person.

Team complexity

And because the table is heavy and oversized, it will be challenging to move it from one room to another. And if you move to another office, you’ll have to take the desk apart to fit in the doorway.

Should I make a craft table or buy an L-shaped table?

Now we come to the main point of this article. Let’s look at the advantages of using two vertically connected tables. If you buy two separate tables and place them vertically, all of the above disadvantages are eliminated. It becomes easier to move tables from one room to another. Because they are two separate elements, they can be placed in the doorway without being removed. Besides, it’ll be more manageable. You can also assemble the table yourself. It’s like setting up two straight tables; you just have to have a little more time. But compared to an L-shaped table, the installation will be easier. It is also easier to carry up and down the stairs than an L-shaped table. And that’s probably the most significant advantage of DIY. You have more freedom and flexibility in how you position the table. You also have more control over where you place the dead space. The second table can be connected to the left or right of the first table. And if you’re moving from place to place, this option is more manageable. You don’t have to worry about whether it will fit into your new home office because you can configure it yourself. And here are the disadvantages. Since these are two separate tables, they must be configured separately. If you’re not used to going from sitting to standing and vice versa, this probably won’t be a problem for you. However, setting up two different tables can be annoying if you change tables several times during the day. There is also a risk of the table’s frames and legs bumping into your feet. He can take up space in the middle. This can be a problem if you have long legs and use the table sitting down. You can’t sit where the two tables are together because the frames are in the way. We also think that using two separate tables would be ugly. A clear dividing line is drawn in the area where the two tables are merged. And if you don’t plan on screwing the two ends together, that can cause wobble problems. And you have to be careful not to put anything on that line because it could fall off if you move two tables.

L-shaped high table or two vertical tables – which is better?

The best choice should be made based on your situation. Under normal circumstances, we prefer to buy L-shaped tables rather than build them ourselves. L-shaped tables are more stable and won’t wobble compared to putting two straight tables together at right angles. And we didn’t like that the frames were in the way of our feet and legs. So it’s a little disruptive to the workflow. And if you’re OCDC, the row where the two tables meet will be a little uncomfortable. You can also use the dead space in the corner with an L-shaped table. And, as mentioned earlier, you can’t do it with two separate tables unless you screw the ends of the table together or use the table permanently. But there are cases where DIY can work for you.

  • They tend to move around. Therefore, DIY will be a more practical option for you. For example, you don’t have to practice walking up and down a large deck on the stairs. And you may not need to disassemble the table to move it.

In addition, the configuration of the room does not matter, as you have more flexibility in the arrangement of the tables. You don’t have to worry about the room’s shape because the table fits the room, not the other way around.

  • If you want a fixed table, i.e., you do not want to change the height of the table, a do-it-yourself solution may be suitable. However, imagine how annoying it can always be to set up two separate offices?
  • If there is no particular corner where you can put an L-shaped table, it is easier to do a DIY. However, sometimes it’s hard to find a way to get an L-shape in a small space. For offices and tiny rooms, a do-it-yourself approach is therefore recommended.
  • DIY is handy in offices where the workflow needs to be changed from time to time. You can configure two tables according to your needs. And if necessary, you can place the feeding tables parallel. Or put them in rows or against the wall. This can be a common scenario in a highly interactive office where you tend to brainstorm with other team members, etc.

However, remember that buying two separate tables will cost more than buying one L-shaped table.


Whether you choose an L-shaped table or two separate tables set at right angles depends on how you work. We also believe that when you work with other people, like. For example, DIY may be a better option in a typical office environment. This is because it may be necessary to arrange or make larger tables for one person, etc. DIY is also becoming more popular because people look for flexibility after most of us already work from home. Sitting all day can cause serious harm to your health, and standing desks have become very popular in recent years because of their potential benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should my computer be L-shaped desk?

You probably have your opinion on the optimal placement of your computer, and you’re usually right. But, in all likelihood, I suppose you might be wrong. The human body is an L-shaped organism, and there’s a reason why airplanes have those seedpods. A commonly held belief is that we sit with our knees bent in front of a computer screen. So, it’s natural that we’d assume a computer is flat on a desk, even in an L shape. For the most part, that’s accurate. But, there’s more to it than that. Many people have a lot of opinions about what type of desk is best for them. Some people like L-shaped desks, while others prefer a U-shaped setup. You can also go the other way and sit at a desk perpendicular to the main one. If you have a couple of monitors, you need another monitor desk or sit on the floor.

Are L-shaped desks better?

Desks constitute a significant part of our work environments, and even though we spend much of our day at a desk, we still spend a lot of time sitting on them. While many of us sit down on them for long periods, few know that buying an L-shaped desk offers a wide range of benefits. These desks are better for those who want to work on more than one side of the desk, and because they are more comprehensive than deep, they are better for those who are tall or have an extended body. You’ve probably heard of the L-desk if you’re a small business owner or work in a shared workspace. The L-shaped desk provides a more comfortable workspace, especially for those who work for extended periods, such as office workers or telecommuters.

Are L-shaped desks reversible?

The L-shaped desk concept is quickly gaining popularity, so it is vital to know if it is reversible to ensure you get the best value for money. When choosing the perfect workstation for your desk, think about how often you want to sit in different positions. Do you want to sit in the comfort of an L-shaped desk all day? Or do you want to place a second desk perpendicular to the primary one when you need your laptop and have to switch to or from a standing work position? Either way, ensure you have a reversible desk if you want it to be. If you’ve ever moved an L-shaped desk from one room to another, you’ve seen how difficult it is to squeeze them into a small space. The desks are usually too wide to fit side by side, or even if you did manage to squeeze them in, they wouldn’t stand up because their legs are not on the same level. Fortunately, there are some easy, inexpensive ways to turn your L-shaped desk into a pair of standing desks.

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