10 Ginny and Georgia Alternatives

Ginny & Georgia began as Gilmore Girls version 2.0 before evolving into something much darker and more complex. Finally, the whole thing culminates in a dramatic finale that will drive many fans to despair.

We’ve scoured the archives and saved you the trouble with our top 10 selections for alternative display if you’re done with that and are looking for something similar.

To make it easier for scrim readers, we’ve added the similarities.

Of course, we’ve also included a handy link for all the series we’ve reviewed, so you can read our thoughts on the series and see if it’s something you want to waste your time on.

Without further ado, we present ten television shows that should whet your appetite when you’re done watching Jeannie and Georgia.

1. Gilmore Girls

Similarities – Mother-daughter themes

Gilmore Girls is a comedy/drama about a 30-year-old single mother and her teenage daughter. The two are very close as best friends and live in a small town called Stars Hollow, with its share of colorful residents.

Lorelai comes from a wealthy family, but she has always had a difficult relationship with her parents, so she ran away when she had Rory. The series begins at the age of 15-16 and is accepted into a prestigious private school.

She is very smart, and with the help of her mother, she is still determined to try and get into Harvard.

The series follows their lives as Rory goes to school (and later college) while Lorelai plans to start her own inn.

The series is known for its witty dialogue and pop culture references, mixed with a gracefully written script full of endearing characters. But don’t forget that there was a lot of negative reaction from fans last season for the questionable moves of key players. Either way, the show is definitely worth your time.

2. Jane the Virgin

Similarities – Family drama

Jane the Virgin is one of those wholesome dramas with absolutely no right to be as good as it is. The plot revolves around a young Latino nun named Jane, whose world is turned upside down when her doctor accidentally artificially inseminates her during an examination. As a result, Jane becomes pregnant at a young age, with disastrous consequences for her family and career.

Jane searches for her biological father, who turns out to be a married man and former playboy Rafael. However, the drama really begins when we meet Petra, Raphael’s wife, who plans her own revenge when she learns the truth about Jane.

Between domestic and professional problems, Jane The Virgin fills its 22-episode season with plenty of melodrama, intrigue, and romance to make it a very easy-to-watch series.

3. Pretty little liars

Similarities – Problems and puzzles of teenagers

Pretty Little Liars revolves around four girlfriends who are pursued by an anonymous enemy who discovers their darkest secrets. As if that weren’t enough, the quartet also works together to investigate the disappearance of their best friend, the group’s queen bee, Alison.

What started as a simple mystery quickly turns into much more than the twists and turns that make it exciting. There is also an element of Gossip Girl here, but what makes this movie so interesting is finding out who A is and what these girls might be hiding from each other.

It’s a little slow at times, but if you’re a fan of teen drama, this movie is worth saving for the long haul.

4. Dare Me

Similarities – juvenile secrets and issues

Dare Me is an interesting cheerleader drama that takes elements from Gossip Girl and other similar melodramas and blends them into a ten-episode series with the central, dark themes of murder, rape, and jealousy.

Based on the 2004 bestseller of the same name, Dare Me is a story that essentially revolves around three women. Addy and Beth are best friends, inseparable teenagers who love the intoxicating world of booze, drugs, and parties. When Colette, the new coach of the cheerleaders, comes to shake things up, a story begins to unfold that creates a sense of friendship between Beth and Eddie while dark secrets envelop the trio.

The thriller is quite strong and is supported by good character development.

5. Euphoria

Similarities – A stylish teen drama

HBO’s teen drama, Euphoria, is a visually stunning, groundbreaking show. It shows exactly how destructive drugs can be, and in fact, it’s a great series of films about a group of teenagers who care about teenagers. Zendaya lights up the show with her accurate portrayal of the street of drug addicts, but each of the different teens brings something new to the show.

There are also some very important topics covered, and between drug use, nudity and rape, this teen drama is simply one of the best of its kind and a must-see even for those who don’t usually watch this type of series.

6. Outer banks

Similarities – Exciting adventures and character building

Outer Banks is one of those series that seems to work. He has the right dose of humor, a solid Famous Five/Goonies touch, and manages to weave it all into a solid mystery that moves along at a good pace.

The story itself revolves around the Outer Banks, an island inhabited by two different tribes. The dolls and dogs live on a class divide, and the poor dogs play with our four friends, John B, JJ, Ciara, and Pope, who are on a mission to find John B’s missing father and a hidden treasure with 400 million gold bars.

The setting is fairly simple and is completed by the mysterious and wealthy daughter Cook Sarah, who has great group chemistry and a well-written novel that doesn’t derail the story.

7. Desperate Housewives

Similarities – Characters, Romance, and Mystery

If you haven’t seen Desperate Housewives yet, you’re missing out. At first glance, it looks like a simple trashy soap opera with few redeeming qualities. However, only Under the Hood is a fascinating and entertaining show that weaves many mysteries and truths through girlfriends’ lives in a suburban neighborhood.

The mysterious suicide of a neighbor is the catalyst for all this gossip, but it quickly becomes a reality in a surprisingly convincing way. The way these characters develop and the secrets they begin to keep make this film so intriguing.

8. The Great Army

Similarities – Teenage characters and questions

The great army starts with a bang – literally. A large military school and its various colorful characters are quarantined by a bomb a few blocks away. Called the worst terrorist attack since September 11, teenagers trying to solve their own problems have been ambushed.

Like Euphoria and other teen dramas of its kind, The Great Army doesn’t shy away from any major theme. Some of these issues seem a bit far-fetched, but they are handled fairly well for the most part. The various actors at the center of this drama have their own stories, and the plot develops beautifully throughout the 9-episode season.

9. Baby-Sitters Club

Similarities – good friends

In an offbeat and charming tone, Baby-Sitters Club makes the successful book series of the 90s accessible to a whole new generation by channeling some of the great sensibilities of the 90s into this small screen delight.

If you rooted for Ginny and her team in school, this show has a big star that’s easy to follow.

The story itself revolves around creating and developing a babysitting club that helps parents in the city with their little ones. Based on the idea of Team Christy, she is working with new daughter Stacey, best friend Mary Ann, and little Claudia to bring this vision to life.

Along the way, the girls face both familial and narrative problems, ranging from a group of rival babysitters on their property to young children in love and runaways. There is a good balance between the plot issues and the characters that emerge here, with a solid first half that builds up to an impressive ending that really helps this film shine.

10. Little fires everywhere

Similarities – family drama

Little Fires Everywhere is a show worth following to the end. Hulu’s latest family drama will almost certainly be compared to Big Little Lies, and with Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon in the lead roles, it’s easy to see why.

With a gripping mystery, extensive commentary on class and race, and a dynamic power struggle that changes and evolves throughout the season, Little Fires Everywhere is a smartly written drama and one of the best series of 2020.

The story begins with an intriguing mystery: Elena Richardson and her family look at the burning rubble of their childhood home. Of course, someone set it on fire, and all fingers point to Helena’s helpless youngest daughter, Izzy. But is it really his fault?

This compelling family melodrama admirably conveys its social themes in several episodes. Of course, it’s not perfect, but those little fires definitely turn into a real inferno by the end.

So we have ten shows for you to watch when you’re done with Jeannie and Georgia on Netflix.

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