The Shemagh, also known as a keffiyeh, is considered one of the most basic and vital pieces in any soldier’s arsenal. They are popular with military personnel because they can help keep you warm during cold weather conditions.

The GORUCK Shemagh has all you need and more to keep your neck and face warm when traveling. It may be worn as a scarf. To keep the sun off your head, wrap it around your head. Make an unplanned date with the gorgeous stranger you encounter on your travels by using it as a picnic blanket. The options are almost limitless.

The shemagh is a traditional Arabian headgear that Middle Eastern tribes have worn for ages. You may also hear it referred to as a keffiyeh. It’s a versatile item of apparel that takes up little to no additional room, making it ideal for minimalist travel—which is our thing. We’ve had great luck with GORUCK items in the past, so we were excited to give this a try.

It may quickly become a staple in any trip or daily outfit. However, while we appreciate how versatile it is and how many different ways you can dress it, we did notice a few loose threads after just two weeks.

Materials, Aesthetics, and Application

The GORUCK Shemagh is built from soft and elastic cotton and polyester combination. We don’t mean flexible in the sense of elastic, but it does adapt to your pulling direction while tying it on. At first glance, it seems to be nothing more than a thin piece of cloth, and for all intents and purposes, it is. This excellent piece of fabric, on the other hand, manages to be exceedingly warm.

GORUCK Shemagh materialShemaghs are used throughout the Middle East for various purposes, one of which is to shield the wearer from hot, dry weather. A shemagh will keep dust and sand away from your face in desert places where you’re prone to become sunburned. Depending on the location where it is worn, shemaghs have also carried cultural and religious significance throughout history. It’s pretty unusual to see people wearing them on travels to Egypt, Jordan, and Qatar.

“Shemaghs are employed in the military by special forces all around the globe for their adaptability and compatibility with Rule #1: Always Look Cool,” according to the GORUCK website. Coming from a corporation founded by a former Special Forces veteran, it makes sense, but we’re more interested in practicalities than excellent points.

The face and head wrap configuration is a popular technique to protect your hair from becoming untidy in the wind. Bandit style around the bottom of your face and neck, headwrap style, or as an essential scarf are some alternative ways to wrap it.

GORUCK Shemagh stylesThis shemagh is not only flexible, but it also contributes to a good cause. Combat Flip Flops, a clothing brand that donates its profits to many non-profit organizations in Afghanistan, makes GORUCK Shemaghs. The money raised from this shemagh will go to Aid Afghanistan for Education, which helps underprivileged Afghan women and girls get an education. On the bottom of the shemagh, you’ll find a tag noting this as well as the GORUCK logo. We enjoy the fact that it’s the only spot on the garment with any branding.

GORUCK Shemagh made by Combat Flip Flops tagThe GORUCK Shemagh proved essential in the Nevada deserts, where we conducted our testing. The promises of keeping dust out of your face and protecting you from the heat were true, however, it may become a touch hot. If you plan on doing a lot of walking during your vacation, keep this in mind. Even if it’s frigid and windy outdoors, you could get a little sweaty.

Don’t worry, the shemagh will keep you dry without absorbing perspiration and making you damp or smelly. However, it isn’t very water-resistant, so don’t get it wet (and be careful of drink spills). A little amount of moisture will enough. Just don’t wear it if you’re going swimming or anything like that.

GORUCK Shemagh at Red Rock CanyonUnfortunately, after just two weeks, we noticed some loose threads hanging around the borders, raising concerns regarding durability. This doesn’t make the GORUCK Shemagh unwearable, but it is frustrating nevertheless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shemaghs good for cold weather?

A: The answer to this question is yes. Shemaghs are great for cold weather because they can be pulled over the head and cover your mouth, nose, and eyes so you don’t have to worry about losing body heat or being affected by wind.

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