The Phanteks Eclipse P600s is a beautifully designed mid-tower PC case with various features that make it stand out in the crowd. However, the aesthetics and functionality are not all this chassis offers; there’s also an exciting mix of RGB lighting effects to compliment your build.
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The P600s is a low-profile casing with a strong personality. There are angles and vents in all the appropriate places, giving it a futuristic appearance. At first glance, the front seems to be one panel with an angular grill near the top and ventilation holes on each side. The design is faultless, but the Phanteks P600s’ versatility and ability to shift from one configuration to another standout.

Phanteks Eclipse P600S 18

The P600s’ central feature is its switchable modes, ranging from acoustic pleasure to high-performance airflow. The default setting is quiet, and to alter it, you must remove the magnetic center panel from the front. If you have tiny fingers, this will come off quickly, but I had to flip up the I/O cover, which I’ll go into in more detail later. The following key element in Phanteks’ arsenal is the fabric mesh s exposed when the body is removed. Compared to ordinary mesh filters, this mesh is highly breathable nylon and allows even more ventilation. There seems to be a double layer of nylon mesh, supplemented by a magnetic dust filter at the rear, all of which work together to limit the quantity of dirt entering the system.

Phanteks Eclipse P600S 21

Of course, if the airflow is essential to you, you may want to consider the P500A instead of spending the additional money on this function, but it’s one I like. Again, I have to commend Phanteks for offering so many alternatives. Like the rest of the panels, the front panel’s detachable center panel is made of high-quality sound dampening materials that work well for people who value acoustic performance.

Phanteks Eclipse P600S 16

The I/O is disguised by a flip-down panel on the front, as previously noted, to keep the overall look constant. Of course, you’ll probably flip this up and leave it for the rest of your life, but it does look good.

The I/O consists of the following components:

  • Button to Reset
  • Two × Type-A USB 3.0 Gen1
  • 1 Type-C USB 3.1 Gen2
  • One audio input jack
  • 1 x Microphone Jack 1 x Microphone Jack 1 x Microphone Jack 1

You’ll note there’s no power button on the front since the power button is located right in the middle of the casing.

The Rear

The back of the case isn’t as plain as other cases in this price range due to the dual-system capabilities. However, a detachable panel at the top creates room for the ITX bracket, which Phanteks sells separately.

Phanteks Eclipse P600S 28

There’s room below the ITX slot for a 120 or 140mm fan, with a 140mm high-airflow fan pre-installed. You’ll also find 7+3 PCIe slots here, and although vertical mounting is a given at this price range, three slots are a lovely touch from this roomy chassis. Phanteks include the bracket required to attach the GPU on top of the shroud, but you’ll need to buy the riser cable separately if you want to install it vertically.

Both side panels’ hinges are located at the rear, which I like since it is the easiest method to remove a panel. However, the doors can swing open more than 180 degrees, and each panel may be pulled off thanks to the exposed hinges.

The Side

The component side of the case boasts a full-length tempered glass display with an opaque border, which in my opinion, always adds additional aesthetic points. In addition, the glass panel has a slight tint that helps enhance the aesthetic appearance of your final build while still letting you see small details such as customized wires.

Phanteks Eclipse P600S

Both side panels don’t need any tools to install and are held in place by four powerful magnets. The inclusion of a slight rubber coating on top of the magnets adds a pleasant touch since the panels shut with a pleasing muted noise rather than a clatter. These side panels make everything from construction to updating a breeze, and they are my preferred side panel design.

Phanteks Eclipse P600S 12

The rear panel is solid, and it’s made of the same sound-dampening materials as the case’s top and front. By looking at the weight, you can tell that they will perform an outstanding job of reducing noise in your system. In addition, rubber strips along the edge of each side panel provide a pleasant touch that helps with acoustic performance and forms a seal, allowing for more excellent ventilation.

Phanteks Eclipse P600S 23

The Top

The top of the case, like the front, has a detachable center panel and is lined with sound-dampening materials. The detachable top is part of their dual-mode design, which means you can receive the ventilation you need when things become too hot or if you add a radiator.

Phanteks Eclipse P600S 20

The P600s feature room on top for three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans and 360mm and 280mm radiator support. Thumbscrews in the back of the case allow the top to be removed, and beneath is a detachable mounting bracket that makes installation a breeze. Alternatively, you may utilize the case’s dual-system compatibility, including room for an ITX motherboard in the upper rear corner of the P600s and a magnetic cover to fill in an empty slot when utilizing smaller rads.

The power button is also on the top, showing how much consideration Phanteks puts into its premium cases, with the P600s filled with beneficial construction features from head to toe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Phanteks P600S good?

A: Yes, the P600S is an excellent case.

What fans does the P600S come with?

A: The P600S comes with three 40mm fans.

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