It may be challenging to choose the appropriate daypack for your requirements. But, on the other hand, the Deuter UP Sydney is a strong candidate if you want a comfortable harness system, a compact profile, and adequate compartmentalization for your stuff.

Deuter UP Sydney in DetroitIn Detroit, Deuter UP Sydney

This bag provides the space and organization you need for your daily essentials while staying discreet. It also features a lot of cushioning and mesh, much like previous Deuter bags, to keep you comfy while on the move.

We’re ready to dig into the review after two weeks of testing, so let’s get started!

Fit Notes

Deuter UP Sydney Male FitMale Fit Deuter UP Sydney Tom— Torso: 19.25 in, Height: 6 ft 2 in

  • The waist strap is too high—it goes over the stomach rather than the hips, so it isn’t as effective at distributing weight (still helps keep the bag close to the body)
  • The back panel is structural while remaining soft.
  • Padding and mesh on the shoulder straps provide comfort and ventilation.

Deuter UP Sydney Female Fit

  • It seems to be a bit tall when tightened to the desired length.
  • Because the waist strap is so high, it isn’t beneficial for weight distribution, but it does keep the bag close to the body.
  • Fits snugly against the back for a solid fit.

Aesthetics & Materials

This pack is more extended than broad, allowing it to maintain a thin profile even when fully loaded. We prefer it when our EDC bags blend in with the crowd and don’t stick out like a sore thumb on our shoulders.

We’ve been wearing the primary Black hue for the last two weeks and love it. However, if you want something that sticks out or has more color, the Deuter UP Sydney is available in a variety of colors at the time of this review, so you should be able to find one that matches your style.

Deuter UP Sydney LogoUP Deuter Sydney’s Symbol

The Deuter emblem may be found on a very soft tag on the front, imprinted at the top of the back panel, and sewn into one of the shoulder straps, among other locations. Although it isn’t the most minimalist branding we’ve ever seen, most logos are a deeper shade of grey and fit in well with the rest of the material. So there aren’t any genuine complaints.

Deuter UP Sydney MaterialUP Deuter Material

This pack comprises 500D polyester produced from recycled PET bottles, with a DWR coating and a bluesign® certified manufacturing method. So, what does it all mean? First, it implies that this bag is long-lasting, water-resistant, and environmentally friendly, so it’s up to the job of safeguarding your belongings while also being environmentally friendly.

It’s smooth to the touch and nearly feels like suede, which is appealing. However, we’ve discovered that this material collects more fluff and debris than other slicker materials seen on other bags, leaving it appearing a bit filthy after a few uses. (If you need help getting and keeping your bags clean, check out our step-by-step gear cleaning instructions.)

Deuter UP Sydney ZippersUP Deuter Sydney Zippers

The zippers are from YKK, a well-known brand, and feature easy-to-grasp pulls. We’ve had a lot of experience testing YKK zippers on various backpacks, and everything works as anticipated.

On this bundle, you’ll also discover some Nifco hardware. All the buckles have remained tight throughout testing, which is excellent, but the magnets that secure the main compartment haven’t been our favorite—we’ll get to that later in the review.

Components from Outside

Overall, the harness system on this backpack is well-made and comfy, particularly for a pack of this size. We also have some nitpicks to mention, as is customary.

Deuter UP Sydney Shoulder StrapsShoulder Straps

The shoulder straps are thickly padded and have lots of mesh for additional ventilation to keep us cool while wearing them. However, there are no strap keepers in this location. You’ll have to deal with some hanging if you have to tighten the bag shut and are left with many excess straps.

Deuter UP Sydney Sternum StrapUP Deuter Strap across the sternum

The sternum strap is next, and it attaches to and adjusts through a daisy chain on each shoulder strap. We aren’t concerned about disengaging this connection and losing it in the process since it seems safe. This strap is elasticized, making it simple to adjust across the chest and enabling it to move with you. Furthermore, it handles the extra strap effectively so that it does not snag on us while we walk.

The sternum strap’s clips are hidden by a fabric welt on each shoulder strap, giving this bag a clean appearance that we like. You may even remove the sternum strap entirely if it isn’t necessary for you (and have clean-looking straps).

Deuter UP Sydney Hip BeltUP Deuter Hip Belt

There’s also a waist strap lower down. This belt rests a bit higher on our waists than we like, running over the stomach rather than the hips. It isn’t cushioned either. It’s simply a nylon strap. Thus it primarily serves to hold the bag closer to our body rather than assisting with weight distribution.

We didn’t get much use out of it for these reasons, but your mileage may vary. We also like the elastic keepers, which keep the strap reasonably #DangleFree whether we’re wearing it or not. Additionally, where the belt connects to the bag, some fabric wings assist conceal the clips and creating a clean appearance.

Deuter UP Sydney Back PanelUP Deuter Back Panel

This pack’s back panel is thickly cushioned and lined with breathable mesh to keep us calm and comfortable—which is always a plus. A robust frame sheet keeps the bag rigid and prevents it from becoming floppy or bending away from our backs.

Deuter UP Sydney HandleHandle Deuter UP

A tiny handle is on the rear of the bag, towards the top. It’s a little thin, so it’s not the most comfortable handle we’ve ever used, but it’ll get the job done. Another thing to remember is that, due to its location, hanging it up may need some maneuvering. If you’re using a hook, it should be able to slide through relatively quickly. Anything more significant will require considerable bending.

Deuter UP Sydney External Water Bottle PocketExternal Water Bottle Pocket Deuter UP

If you carry a water bottle with you all the time, you’ll like that this backpack has an exterior water bottle pocket. Because there’s no elastic at the top of any sort of gusseted, flexible fabric to enable it to bend, you get exactly what you see in terms of space—a more giant bottle won’t fit. The Stanley Go Bottle with Ceramivac 16oz fits in the pocket. However, it takes up the whole sack. Even with a tiny bottle like this, the bag must curve around it and take up some interior room.

The Inside of the Pack

Deuter UP Sydney Side PocketSydney Side Pocket Deuter Let’s speak about pockets for a moment. One side of the bag has a zipped, quick-grab pocket where you may put a big smartphone (and anything smaller). It also rests on the wearer’s back, making it comfortable and secure (and harder to reach for wandering hands in a crowd).

Deuter UP Sydney Front CompartmentFront Compartment Deuter UP

We’ve used the front compartment to keep some of our smaller electronic equipment. Inside, there are two-segmented compartments, one bigger and one smaller, that rest against the rear wall.

We’ve been storing wires, a handy spork, and an additional set of headphones in the big pocket (inside a Tom Bihn Color Zipper Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch). In the smaller bag, there’s a USB-C dongle and a pen.

You also have a tiny amount of free space if you have any additional smaller and flatter objects. You don’t want to put anything too heavy in this pocket since it’s still fragile. However, we appreciate that this section is zipped since it keeps all of our electronic items safe.

Deuter UP Sydney Closure

The main compartment, on the other hand, is a different story. Two magnets and a G-hook secure the flap, making it very simple to open, mainly when the G-hook isn’t fastened. Even if it is, there are still holes in the aperture where smaller objects may fall through.

If you’re going to and from the workplace, a coffee shop, or a coworking space, this may not be a problem since your luggage isn’t being jostled about as much. When flying, for example, you may put your luggage in an overhead bin or beneath your seat on a flight, and it gets tossed about a lot due to turbulence.

Deuter UP Sydney OpeningWe like how Mystery Ranch handles this integration on the Rip Ruck 24 since there are zippers on both sides of the bag and the magnetic flap, allowing us to secure the bag completely. Unfortunately, this aperture isn’t nearly as secure (or water-resistant) on the UP Sydney, which means our gear isn’t either.

Since we didn’t need to connect the G-hook on the bottom loop, we’ve enjoyed hooking a Nite Ize S-Biner to one of the additional attachment loops and keeping it accessible for external storage (like clipping a hat).

Deuter UP Sydney Laptop CompartmentLaptop Compartment

Let us now examine the inside of this container. This pack’s main section features lots of compartmentalization to keep your daily stuff organized, and the main compartment has plenty of space at 22L.

A laptop sleeve that accommodates up to a 15″ device is located against the rear wall. It has some good cushioning and a fake bottom to prevent your electronics from being moved about when you put the bag down. It appeals to us.

Deuter UP Sydney Main Compartment Liner PocketsMain Compartment Liner Pockets

There are two liner pockets in front of this laptop sleeve that is identical to the ones in the front compartment but of a larger size. If you carry a tablet, the more oversized pocket can hold it and is hung to keep your gadgets safe. We’ve been using the Moleskine Classic Large Soft Cover Dot Grid Notebook, which is a good fit. This pocket also includes extra fabric on one side, allowing you to stuff it with anything you choose.

Because the smaller pocket lacks this additional fabric, thinner items like a glasses case—which is now housing a pair of Felix Gray Nash Glasses for us—fit well (albeit tightly).

Deuter UP Sydney Main Compartment Zippered PocketMain Compartment Zippered Pocket

A tiny, zipped pocket on the bag’s opposite wall has been used to store our more expensive items, such as the Dango D01 Dapper Wallet. Because it’s zipped, we feel more confident keeping our most important things inside. Even if there are some holes in the entrance of this compartment, our belongings are safe and secure within. In this pocket, you’ll also find a key clip. It’s made of plastic, so it’s not as strong as a metal clip, but it’ll do the job.

Deuter UP Sydney Internal Water Bottle Pocket Internal Water Bottle Pocket

You have a second water bottle pocket within the main compartment if the exterior one isn’t adequate. It’s a lot more flexible than the outside pocket, so if you’re carrying a giant bottle, it’ll fit in. However, the space problem still exists: if you leave your bottle in here, it will take up room in the exterior pocket, meaning you won’t be able to double up.

If you keep a giant bottle inside, you may be able to fit something small like a little umbrella or the JOBY GorillaPod in the exterior pocket, but not much else. If you don’t want to put it in the main compartment with your electronics, use a smaller bottle and keep it on the outside. If you have a giant bottle and don’t mind being near your laptop or tablet, you may put it in this pocket—it all depends on your requirements and tastes.

Deuter UP Sydney Packing Cubes in Main CompartmentMain Compartment

There’s also some extra room here for items like a compressible jacket, lunchbox, and other small items. You may also use pouches or packing cubes to organize your belongings. The liner material here is a little lighter, so our gear is a little more visible. In general, a top-loader bag like this one does not provide the same level of sight and unfettered access as a bag that opens completely clamshell. As a result, we’ve found it helpful to put things in pouches or pack cubes, so we don’t have to rummage around for anything while reaching in.

Deuter UP Sydney in Detroit

Everything is holding up well in terms of durability—aside from the fuzz, we have no issues.

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