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The RUSH 24 Backpack by 5.11 Tactical is a comfortable, low-profile bag that can carry your gear in style while also being streamlined and easy to transport. In addition, this tactical backpack has many pockets and compartments for storing items like hydration packs, cell phones, medications, or anything else you need on the go. Check out my review of this affordable pack today!

5.11 Tactical is a company that specializes in military-grade gear and accessories for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, and hunters. This review will be on the 5.11 RUSH 24 backpack 37L.

The 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Backpack 37L is the subject of this review. You may imagine an essential, bare-bones backpack with a festive, colorful look with a name like “5.11 Tactical RUSH24″.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack In DetroitPutting aside the jokes, the 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Backpack 37L is exactly what it says on the tin: a highly tactical, highly durable 37L pack with a slew of organizational features. It’s also adaptable. Because there’s so much going on with this game, we’ll skip the lengthy introduction and go right into the review.

Aesthetics & Materials

The 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Backpack, as previously said, has a very tactical design and look. Dark Navy, Sandstorm, TAC OD, Flat Dark Earth, Double Tap, and Black are the six colors available at this review, and they’re all muted to complement the military mood.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Velcro PatchThere’s a hook and loop velcro nametape on the front of the pack and a location for a patch. We’ve thrown in the Pack Hacker patch since it’s the best-looking patch (we’re not prejudiced), but you may use whatever patch you like.

The backpack is composed of 1050D nylon, both robust and water-resistant (the MultiCam® is 1000D nylon). However, water resistance does not imply waterproofness. So in severe weather, you should be OK, although the pack is not waterproof.

The cloth does tend to accumulate hair and lint, which isn’t ideal. If you have pets, you should get a lint roller (if you don’t already have one).

The zippers and hardware are from well-known YKK and Duraflex, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

Components from Outside

Before we get into the exact external components, it’s worth noting that the 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Backpack is 5.11® Tier System compatible. We won’t detail it here, but this technique essentially employs straps to attach separate bags/packs. In that manner, you may enhance the capacity of the Tactical RUSH24 by connecting another backpack to it.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Front WebbingThis pack also has many MOLLE-compatible PALS webbing on both sides and in the front. You may also personalize this bag with a variety of pouches and accessories. From an Emergency Ready Pouch to a Dopp kit to an H20 Carrier, 5.11 sells around one billion—give or take a quarter of a billion—pouches. So here, you are free to be as wild as you want.

Let’s speak about the harness system, shall we? Overall, this pack is really durable. However, it’s a lot comfier than we thought it would be. The shoulder straps include a lot of padding. The straps connect to the bag in such a manner that they draw the bag close to your back, even though there are no load-lifters. However, when the pack isn’t entirely loaded, it might become floppy.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Shoulder StrapThe bottom of the straps releases from the bag, allowing you to remove the pack swiftly. Simply remove the straps and pop out. The shoulder straps, on the other hand, have no place to bestow. It’s not a major problem, but it’s worth mentioning.

The sternum strap is a strong and adaptable piece of equipment. Clipping it onto the webbing that spans the length of the straps allows you to modify it. Although it seems secure, it’s conceivable that it may slide out during vigorous exercise.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Back PanelThis takes us to the rear panel, which features a good amount of cushioning as well. It has a slicker, smoother feel than the nylon on the rest of the pack. Although there is no mesh, there are a few air passages. On warmer days, the aid of the channel with airflow, but you’ll still have a sweaty back. The terrible swamp back is unavoidable.

There are two rubberized gripping patches towards the bottom of the rear panel. They’re there, as far as we can tell, to restrict the pack from sliding up and down on your back. We haven’t seen the pack sliding around much while testing, so it looks to be effective.

There are also what seem to be hip belt attachment points, which is always a welcome feature on a pack of this size. However, 5.11 Tactical does not seem to offer a hip belt, so they’re just sort of there. We’re not sure why they’ve done this, but they’ve managed to remain out of the way.

Because the water bladder compartment is on the opposite side, there’s also a drainage hole at the bottom of the rear panel (more on this compartment later).

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack BottomTwo extra drainage holes are included on the bottom of the bag to aid in the removal of dirt and water from the inside. But it’s a good idea to keep in mind that they’re there. Do not place your luggage on a white carpet. If you leave it in a puddle, water will leak inside the bag. What we’re trying to express is that you should be smart.

Extra gear, such as a tripod, a jacket, or a blanket, maybe stowed in the bag’s bottom loops.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack SideMoving around the pack’s sides, you’ll see compression straps on both sides. While they do assist to compress the bag a little, one extra compression strap on either side at the bottom of the pack would have been nice. When you’re not carrying a full load, you may significantly thin down the bag in this manner. The compression straps also get in the way of the main compartment’s zipper, which may be annoying (but we’ll get into that in the following section of our review).

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Water Bottle PocketThis backpack contains two water bottle compartments, one on each side, tucked into the sidewalls behind the rows of webbing and hidden from view. We like how the water bottle compartments keep out of the way while they’re not in use.

Most average-sized water bottles will fit in these compartments, but they aren’t ideal for bigger bottles. The 32oz Hydro Flask we’ve been testing doesn’t fit well in the bag (particularly when it’s full—no there’s a way to cram it in there). There’s a little zipped pocket inside each of the water bottle compartments to keep small things organized.

These pockets may be used as quick-grab pockets if you prefer to utilize a hydration bladder or are not a big water consumer. You don’t have to remove your full bag to get to them. You may drape the bag over one shoulder, access the pockets, and take what you need. During a bitter Detroit winter, we tested this pack and discovered that the pockets are ideal for a hat and gloves.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Top HandleThe strengthened top handle, which is fantastic for getting this pack out of automobiles, overhead bins, and other places, is the last exterior component worth highlighting. It may also be used to hang this item up if necessary. This handle is now in the center of the pack (from front to back), allowing for more uniform weight distribution while carrying it. We prefer centered handles for this reason, however it took some time to get accustomed to this one. Because this pack is so deep, your hand automatically reaches closer to the rear of the pack when you take it off and place it down, missing the handle. Of course, as we’ve used the bag more, this has improved, but we felt it was worth noting.

Inside the Bundle

This pack has a staggering number of pockets. We’ll go through each one with you one by one, which will take some time. So get a cup of your favorite beverage, put some music on, and relax. Ready? Let’s get started.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Rear CompartmentLet’s start with the hydration bladder compartment, which is positioned against your back while the pack is worn. This compartment has been constructed exclusively to store a hydration bladder, as its name suggests—it has plenty of room (it’s meant for a 60-oz bladder) and a loop to hang it on.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Back Panel PlateA velcro flap is located opposite the loop. You’ll get access to the frame sheet if you open it up. It’s not extremely thick, but it provides some rigidity to the bag’s back. If you choose, you may remove it or replace it with something wider.

When you’re not carrying a hydration bladder, you may utilize the water bladder compartment for other goods—flatter objects work well. Because this compartment lays close against your body, it’s also an ideal position for anything you want to keep secure—your wallet, passport, and additional cash.

Let’s look at the bag’s front compartment by flipping it over. There’s a lot of organization on the inside. We’ve used it for almost all of our electronic gear—all the wires, dongles, and other miscellaneous items required for a productive day at work.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Front Organization PocketTwo inner pockets on the front flap have been used to store our Bluetooth headphones and other small things that we needed to access fast (you can easily reach these pockets without having to unzip the compartment fully).

Two velcro-strapped pockets are located on the opposite side. The giant MacBook charging brick and cord and our Apple Magic Mouse have been housed here. The latter fits nicely within this pocket, almost as if it were created for it. Again, we like the velcro fastening since it keeps everything in place.

There’s a little liner compartment behind one of the velcro pockets where we keep our AirPods.isere are three pen/pencil/stylus (styli?) pouches next.

Above that, we’ve stuffed notebooks into an open sleeve (to go with our pens). There’s also a substantial zipped pocket beneath it. It’s been used as a dump bag for wires, chargers, and a USB-C hub, among other things. Everything we’d ordinarily put in an accessories pouch.

This leads us to a short aside: we’re generally all about accessory pouches to manage aour everyday carry’svarious bits and bobs oere at Pack Hacker. However, as you’ve undoubtedly guessed, the 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Backpack has enough organization that we decided to test it without accessory pockets. So if you don’t want to use tech pouches or other organizers, this bundle is ideal. You’ll have enough sections to keep your organizers organized if you do.

I am returning to the pocket tour now.

Finally, there are two critical clips within this front compartment. They’re made of plastic—metal is usually preferred in durability—but they get the job done. You may connect your keys to them, so you don’t have to search through your backpack to find them when it’s pouring, and you want to go inside, but where are your keys? (Not that we’ve ever had something like this happen to us.)

Large or bulky objects may be stored in the compartment itself. We haven’t needed to utilize this area much since there are so many pockets on this device. We’ve primarily chucked snacks here when we’ve done so.

Are you still with us? It’s a good thing since we still have four (!) compartments to go.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Right Top PocketTwo quick-grab pockets, mirror copies of each other, are located above the front compartment. They feature enough depth to serve as a reliable storage solution for daily necessities.

There’s a zipped pocket on the flap of each bag and a sleeve against the back with a fleece-like lining. Although the lining isn’t the softest we’ve seen, it should help protect sensitive goods from scratches.

On one side, we’ve stuffed our keys (which are protected by the Jibbon Key Organizer) into the zipped pocket, our phone into the sleeve, and our wallet into the bag. We’ve added chapstick, gum, mints (must have that fresh breath), and a comb on the opposite side.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Left Top PocketFollowing that is the main compartment. The compression straps, as previously said, obstruct the main zipper (you can’t open the zipper any farther than the straps). The tighter you tighten the belts, the harder it will be to unzip the bag. You’ll have to pop the compression straps open if you want to open this thing up. This isn’t a significant issue, but it may be inconvenient, especially if you’re constantly in and out of your bag.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Main Compartment MeshThere’s a lot of structure in this compartment (are you picking up on a pattern yet?). Three zippered pockets are layered on top of each other on the front flap.

The mesh-covered top one opens from both the top and bottom. Without opening the main compartment completely, you can reach the pocket via the top opening. When the main room is spread open, the bottom hole makes it easy to access the bag. It’s a well-thought-out design that has held up well in testing.

Mesh is also used in the second pocket. We discovered that an Apple Magic Keyboard fits this pocket’s width precisely. Although this pocket has some dimensions,dimensionsccept more essential things; bear in; bearcat whatever you place within it (or any of these pockets) will reduce the capacity of the main bag. This isn’t a big problem; accessory pouches accomplish the same thing.

A lining pocket is located underneath that. There’s no mesh, but there’s plenty of depth. This pocket, however, may be squished by the contents of the bag. Nevertheless, it’s a nice place to store soft, squishy stuff like extra clothing.

On the opposite side of the main compartment, there’s a ton of room and even more order, in keeping with the idea. So the 32oz Hydro Flask that wouldn’t fit in the water bottle pockets and the Coalatree Evolution Hoodie (it’s always great to have an additional layer around) have been placed here. We’ve also included our Roost Laptop Stand 2.0 in this section.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Main Compartment EmptyThere’s a sleeve against the rear of the compartment to keep your belongings safe that can be cinched tight with a drawstring. As a solution for the lack of a separate laptop compartment in this backpack, we’ve placed a laptop case inside this sleeve. (To be clear, the sleeve has no cushioning or soft inside, so it’s not suitable for laptops that don’t come with cases.) It’ll do the job, but if you carry a computer every day, you’ll want to invest in a backpack with a dedicated laptop sleeve.

Another zipped mesh section is available for any smaller items you don’t want to lose.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack Top PocketLast but not least, the bag has a designated sunglasses/phone compartment on the top. To keep your sunglasses/phone from becoming damaged, the pocket is lined with the same (soft) fleece material as the quick-grab pockets. Having a designated pocket for sunglasses has also been beneficial.

Testing & Durability

We’ve been using the 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Backpack 37L as a daily driver in Detroit, Michigan, for two weeks. Overall, we’ve had a good time with it. Everything has a place which is both a positive and a drawback. You’ll appreciate all of the different pockets if you’re serious about your organization. However, if you don’t want to waste time thinking out an organized system and are prone to forgetting where you placed things, this pack is not for you.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack In DetroitEverything seems to be in excellent working order in terms of durability. So we have no critical or small news to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Rush 24?

A: Rush 24 is a 16-foot, 3-inch wide, 4-foot deep pool.

How many Litres is Rush 24?

A: The Rush 24 is a 12 Ltr.

Are 5.11 backpacks waterproof?

A: No, not all 5.11 backpacks are waterproof.

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