The Pack-it Specter is a travel bag that helps you pack your clothes in one compact space. In addition, the size of the Pack-It Specter allows it to be easily stored even by airline carry-on luggage regulations, making this product perfect for those who are always looking for more space and efficient packing methods.

Eagle Creek are packing pros, so investing in the lightweight Pack-It Specter product range is a good choice if you want to enhance your organizing game. These people stand behind their cubes and give a Lifetime Warranty on all of them. The warranty’s wording is a bit hazy, but they will replace the products if anything goes wrong that isn’t due to regular wear and tear. We’ve successfully put the warranty to the test after a bit of tear after 1.5 years of constant usage. The official jargon may be found here.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cube (left) and Specter Tech Cube (right)Pack-It Specter Cube (left) and Specter Tech Cube (right) from Eagle Creek (right)

Eagle Creek’s Pack-It System encompasses all packing organizers. However, there are five specialist lines within this category to meet your specific requirements. The sheer variety of things on the company’s packing organizers section and the titles they’ve given each product might be bewildering. The Pack-It Specter and Specter Tech lines have been refuted since they’re constructed of ripstop nylon, one of the most robust AND lightweight fabrics available. The Tech items are all branded with a big size letter, which is an easy method to detect the difference between the two lines.

Specter Cubes Pack-It

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter CubesPack-It Specter Cubes from Eagle Creek These Eagle Creek packing cubes are available in three sizes: medium, small, and extra tiny, whole cube, half cube, and quarter cube. Isn’t it already perplexing? Then there’s the Slim Cube and the Compression Cube. We’ll come back to them later.

Specter Half Cube by Pack-It (Small)

Two tees and three socks inside the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cube size smallThe Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cube size small holds two shirts and three socks.

We’ve been using the small Pack-It Specter cube and are happy with it. This is about the tiniest we’d go. The extra small size would fit underwear, but we’d instead go with the small and combine outfits at that point. Psychedelic hues like bright blue, flaming orange, strobe green, and basic black and white make these Eagle Creek Packing cubes stand out in the depths of your luggage.

They’ll contain 5L of clothing and are around the size of an iPad Air. So pack all of your underwear, a complete change of clothing, or at the very least three shirts or trousers in these puppies. Rolling your clothing keeps them from wrinkling as much as folding them in the cube—plus, everyone knows you can fit more when you move! And if you’re in a pinch, they make a terrific on-the-go cushion!

Eagle Creek Specter Cube handlesHandles for Eagle Creek’s Specter Cube

The cube weighs just 0.6 ounces when empty, so it won’t tip the scales even if you have five of them in your baggage. We know what you’re thinking: how could such a little bag carry so much without tearing? That’s because it’s composed of ripstop nylon. Silnylon ripstop is the same fabric used in lightweight tents, making it very durable, water-resistant, and stain-resistant. We once dropped a water bottle in our daypack, yet our dinner clothes remained dry inside the cube.

The zipper is the Specter Cubes’ most significant flaw. Because there’s just one zipper, it isn’t easy to close all of your shirts in there if you’ve packed it like a turkey, snagging your garments in the process. The zipper then only unzips halfway, making it difficult to swiftly grab belongings or leave them unzipped in a hotel drawer for convenient access.

Specter Tech Cubes Pack-It

The Tech line is the second most perplexing line item. No, it isn’t designed expressly for your technology. The Tech line is essentially the same space-saving principle and assured lightweight materials as the Classic line, but with some new and enhanced features.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tech CubesPack-It Specter Tech Cubes from Eagle Creek

The Small Pack-It Specter Tech Cube is almost the same size as the Specter half Cube, with a 14-inch difference. The material and production technique are the only things that vary here. We have no clue why these Tech Eagle Creek packing cubes are built in Vietnam rather than Indonesia, like the Pack-It Specter Cube. Quality? Price? Do you prefer Pho to Nasi Goreng? This item is constructed of 30D ripstop nylon, often used in parachutes and hot air balloons, so you can be sure it won’t rip. It’s water and stain-resistant, much like its Specter cube sisters.

For all you eco-warriors out there, Eagle Creek has teamed up with bluesign. What exactly is bluesign? It’s a way to make sustainable textile manufacturing possible by removing toxic chemicals from the whole manufacturing process. There are no PVC coatings on the Specter Tech Cubes, making them ecologically friendly. The Tech version features additional threads braided into the top layer to reinforce its strength. However, the bag is 0.4 ounces heavier than the Specter line as a result of this. For the weight price of your kombucha cap, eco-friendly isn’t a deal-breaker for us.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tech materialEagle Creek Specter Tech Pack-It material

Eagle Creek’s website description emphasizes the fabric’s transparency, enabling you to see what’s within before unzipping. The white version of the Specter non-tech cube is transparent, albeit it isn’t mentioned as a selling feature for the purchase as the Tech cube is. We don’t think the bag is clear enough to justify purchasing it, but we’ll take it as a bonus.

Comparison of material transparency: Specter (left) and Specter Tech (right) by Eagle CreekEagle Creek’s Specter (left) and Specter Tech (right) materials are compared in transparency.

The Pack-It Specter Tech line’s main selling point is its new zipper design. This backpack has two self-repairing zippers with climbing rope pulls to prevent snagging. In addition, we’re ecstatic with the possibility of having the zippers meet in the center rather than removing them to one end—it means we can fit more items in! Another plus is the whole book open zip, which makes grabbing your undies in a hurry a breeze.

Eagle Creek Specter half zip (left) compared to Specter Tech full zip (right)Specter Tech full zip (left) vs. Eagle Creek Specter half zip (right) (right)

Specter Tech cubes are now available in extra tiny, small, and medium sizes for the Pack-It System for the same price as the Specter variants. With the improved zippers and eco-friendly processes, going with the Tech line to get more bang for your money seems like a no-brainer.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tech handlePack-It Specter Tech handle by Eagle Creek

Clean/Dirty Medium Cube Pack-It Specter Tech

Pack-It Specter Tech Clean/Dirty Cube by Eagle CreekEagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter Tech Clean/Dirty Cube

The Clean/Dirty cubes, invented by Eagle Creek’s geniuses, are a fantastic way to put off washing even longer. These are available in both the Specter and Specter Tech lines, but we chose the Tech because of its environmentally friendly character. Unfortunately, the bag is only available in white/strobe in the Tech line.

This bag is essentially a medium-sized cube with twin two-way, self-correcting zippers, but it also features an inside divider to separate the fresh and clean from the stinky and filthy. At first view, the separator seems to be nothing more than a piece of mesh. What makes you think that’ll prevent your feces from stinking?! Closer inspection reveals that the bottom of the mesh has been sprayed with a transparent coating to seal the compartment and keep moisture away from the dirty clothing. While you wait for laundry day, the layer does a beautiful job suppressing odors.

Pack-It Specter Tech Clean/Dirty Cube by Eagle CreekEagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter Tech Clean/Dirty Cube

You must pack one side at a time while packing this dog, then flip and repeat. On the clean side, we can fit five clean tees and four pairs of socks (all rolled, of course) and a couple of sweatpants, two pairs of stinky socks, and a t-shirt; on the offensive side, we can fit a pair of sweatpants, two pairs of smelly socks, and a t-shirt.

Clean side (left) and dirty side (right)The clean side is on the left, while the unclean side is on the right (right)

Pro Tip: You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck if you use cedar chips (the kind that elderly folks put in their closets to keep pests away from their clothing). Old individuals have a lot of knowledge.) It will keep your clothing fresh and insects at bay.

Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Cubes with Cedar ChipsPack-it Specter Cubes with Cedar Chips from Eagle Creek

The rest of the lineup is as follows:

We looked into some of Eagle Creek’s other packing cubes and accessories and came up with ideas that might save you time and money.

Specter Tech Compression Cubes by Pack-It

Pack-It Specter Compression CubesSpecter Compression Cubes by Pack-It

We like to cram as much as possible into the Pack-It Specter Tech Compression Cubes and then compress them to a third of their original size without sitting on the bag. However, because of the zipper technique, the cube only shrinks to a predefined size, and the zipper often gets hooked on itself and the leftover fabric. Other drawstring compression sack techniques have shown to be more effective in total compression.

Specter Slim Cube by Pack-It

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Slim CubeEagle Creek Specter Slim Cube Pack-It When you’re on the run, the Pack-It Specter Slim Cube is ideal for storing a rolled-up dress shirt or two—you never know when you’ll need to attend an unexpected business meeting or treat yourself to a nice meal.

Specter Garment Folder by Pack-It

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Garment FolderPack-It Specter Garment Folder by Eagle Creek Everyone knows that rolling your clothing is the best way to pack them; don’t fall into the folding trap. In any case, no one wants a crushed shirt collar.

Specter Structured Cube by Pack-It

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tech Structured CubePack-It Specter Tech Structured Cube by Eagle Creek

The Structured Cube is essentially the same as the standard cubes, except it comes with a shirt folding board that resembles a colossal cheese grater to give it structure. Save your money and your weight. In the ordinary cubes, you’ll receive more. If you need installation, a hard case structured container or something like the GORUCK Padded Field Pocket for increased protection, your best bets.

On-Board Specter Pack-It

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter On BoardOn Board: Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter The On-Board can hold virtually your whole bathroom in its seven slip pockets and two zipper pockets, but it’s not excellent for organizing in the center of the bag. The bag’s built-in hook is ideal for hanging from a towel rack, but it takes up a lot of room in your baggage. It’s stained and waterproof, so it won’t seep onto your clothing if your shampoo bursts. Overall, it’s an average purchase, and we believe better toiletry bags / Dopp kits are available for the money. Please take a peek at our Muji Hanging Travel Case review.

Specter Tech Shoe Sac Set by Pack-It

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tech Shoe SacEagle Creek Specter Tech Pack-It Shoe Sac There’s no need for the Shoe Sac if you pack your shoes into your suitcase’s additional nooks and crannies at the last minute. You don’t want your shoes to stink up your bag or collect dirt on your clothing, but how can you protect them from doing so? Use the smaller, more adaptable cube only for your shoes. Backpacks with separate, divided shoe pockets are top-rated. To see what we’re talking about, check out our evaluations of the Aer Travel Pack and the Mammut Seon Cargo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are our Eagle Creek packing cubes worth it?

A: They are an excellent option for people who want to protect their belongings in storage.

Is Eagle Creek a good brand?

A: Eagle Creek is a brand that makes backpacks, luggage, and other traveling/carrying items. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Do packing cubes work?

A: Packing cubes are suitable for trips, but they do not make packing any easier. They will help you keep everything organized and cut down on the number of times you need to fold or refold your clothes, but that’s about it.

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