Boundary Supply is a pack of items that you can use to travel the world and experience some truly authentic experiences. It’s worth taking a look at how it changes an otherwise mundane journey into something totally different.

The “Boundary Supply Rennen Review” is a review of the Boundary Supply Errant Pack Travel. The author gives a detailed review of the product and includes pictures to show how it looks.

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In this review, we’ll look at the Boundary Supply Errant, a 24-liter backpack with excellent utility and a sleek, simple design.

“Errant” has two meanings, according to Google. “Traveling in quest of adventure” is the first, and “erring or straying from the right path or standards” is the second. Both of these definitions, depending on the parts of the bag you’re discussing, seem to suit the Errant backpack pretty well.

On the one hand, it’s intended for one-bag travel. It does, however, deviate from the usual and what we’ve seen on previous packs. Some of these unique characteristics have exceeded our expectations, while others have disappointed us.

Interested in learning more about what we’re talking about? Continue reading to learn all you could possibly want to know about this pack—and maybe even some things you didn’t want to know.

Aesthetics & Materials

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack FabricThe Errant Pack Fabric by Boundary Supply

From an aesthetic standpoint, we believe the Errant has a sleek and simple appearance. It has a lot of features, but you wouldn’t notice them at first since everything is neatly tucked away.

And we can really back it up with statistics when we say it looks excellent! This bag received 69 percent approval in our Instagram aesthetic survey, which is much higher than the majority of our polls. So, it seems that this bag appeals to the majority of individuals. We like the appearance a lot.

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack Fabric & BrandingThe Errant Pack Fabric & Branding by Boundary Supply

The simple appearance of this bundle is aided by the branding. The logos are all black on black and can be seen on the rear of the pack, the straps, and the back panel.

The Errant is available in three distinct colorways at the time of this review: hymassa tan, obsidian black, and slate blue. It’s worth noting that Boundary Supply seems to be experiencing manufacturing difficulties, particularly with the slate blue.

According to what we’ve gathered, the major problems are manufacturing delays and communication breakdowns. We’ve only been able to deduce this from comments on the internet, so we can’t confirm it for sure. We noticed some of the same problems with their first Kickstarter project. Your results may vary.

Because there are so many distinct materials in this pack, we’ll keep things simple and offer you a short rundown:

  • The primary fabric is Duramax Kodra 500D, which is essentially a kind of nylon.
  • The glossy, rubbery sections are made of hypalon, a water-resistant material that feels similar to tarpaulin but has a better texture.
  • DWR has been applied to the whole bag for further weather protection.
  • The zippers are YKK water-resistant zippers, and many of them have their own zipper garages or are covered with flaps for further weather protection and security.
  • Around the bag are magnetic fidlocks that are very pleasant to open and shut.
  • The back panel and shoulder straps of the harness system are made of thick LOFT foam.
  • The sternum strap, as well as a few other locations on the pack, include Woojin plastic hardware.

Overall, the components in this bundle have left us very pleased. Everything comes together well, and there are some good options all around. We’re also taken aback by the abundance of high-quality products available at such a cheap cost.

Components from Outside

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack StrapsThe Errant Pack Straps from Boundary Supply

Let’s start with the harness system for the external components. The straps are sufficiently thick and robust to provide a pleasant carrying experience. And, as a side note, they did seem a little too thick at first, but as we’ve worn them in and broken them in, they’ve become more comfortable.

The straps include two nylon loops that may be used to connect other accessories, such as those from Boundary Supply. The sternum strap attachment method is also present, which isn’t ideal. It’s slipped out a couple times while we’ve been using the pack, including once without our involvement…

Surprisingly, this is something we’ve seen on a number of other packs. In principle, the “detachable sternum strap” concept is fantastic, however it only works if the sternum strap remains in place after it’s been connected. Unfortunately, we don’t have high hopes for this sternum strap, and we suggest either removing it completely or making a mental point to buckle it at all times so it doesn’t slip out. The magnetic fidlocks utilized for the sternum strap buckles, on the other hand, have been a breeze to operate.

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack Adjustable Shoulder StrapsThe Errant Pack Adjustable Shoulder Straps from Boundary Supply

The bottom of the shoulder straps are likewise adjustable, and there are some plastic strap-keepers to keep any extra straps in place. The shoulder strap adjustment straps don’t slide very easily through the buckles, which is a little niggle. It’s not a huge issue, but we felt it was worth mentioning.

The optional waist belt is held by two nylon loops on each side, and we appreciate that Boundary included two on each side since it allows you to tailor the waist belt to your torso length. Many other bag makers might take note of this, since it helps to create a more flexible carry based on your body shape.

The waist belt, on the other hand, is quite basic and does not disperse a lot of weight. We’re not too concerned about this since you don’t absolutely need it for a pack of this size. It still keeps the pack tight to your back, which is beneficial, but it doesn’t do anything else.

The LFT foam on the back panel, which completes the harness system, is thick and soft. It features a ridged pattern and some mesh to aid ventilation and prevent back perspiration.

On the back panel, there is also a tiny lash strap that you may use to hold the shoulder straps tight to the pack and prevent them from sliding. If that’s your thing, it may also be used as a baggage pass-through.

A stitched sewn nylon loop at the top of the bag is just cushioned enough to offer a comfortable carry—ideal for hanging the bag up or swiftly grabbing it. It has a very thin profile, which we appreciate.

The remainder of the components on the bag’s outside are well-designed, and we appreciate the clever thinking. Here’s a brief rundown of what’s going on:

  • A basic water bottle pocket with gusseted fabric is located on the side.
  • Above it, there’s a basic lash strap for attaching tripods and other bulkier objects.
  • One side of the rear panel has a tiny grip for “briefcase carry.” This works, but it’s a little smaller than we’d want, and it doesn’t offer a particularly balanced carry since it’s on the rear side.
  • There are also lash loops all around the outside of the pack that may be used to attach various items.

Inside the Bundle

There’s a lot going on within this pack, despite the fact that it doesn’t seem like it from the outside.

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack Pocket With PassportSupply Limits The Errant Pack Passport Pocket

Let’s start with the two security compartments on the rear panel, which are located near the side handle mentioned earlier. There’s a weather-resistant YKK zipper that opens into a tiny compartment here. This is perfect for passports and other flat things.

A similar pocket with a Velcro entrance is located on the other side. Both of them feature the same nylon lining as the rest of the pack’s inside. We prefer the zippered side over the Velcro side since the Velcro opening does not seem particularly secure.

A large pocket, nicknamed “the commuter pocket” by Boundary Supply, is located on the side opposite the water bottle compartment. Overall, we like what’s going on here since it’s really useful, well-designed, and simple to access. It’s ideal for keys and other quick-grab things you may want to keep in your bag and have access to on public transportation, while exploring a new city, or when passing through airport security.

There is a separate pocket and compartment at the bottom of the bag for dirty clothes or shoes. This pocket includes several useful and strategically positioned zipper garages for further weather protection, which we appreciate.

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack In UseThe Errant Pack is in use at Boundary Supply.

One quick-grab pocket is located underneath the magnetic closure of the top flap on the front of the pack, which is convenient. This pocket is lined with “nywool,” which is somewhat softer than the straight-up nylon lining used throughout the pack. We prefer to throw in sunglasses or other things with screens since we know they won’t be damaged. The flap also adds a layer of security and weather protection to this pocket, which is a nice touch.

When it comes to the top flap, it has two distinct magnetic regions that seal it. To be honest, we believe this works better in theory than in practice. It may be difficult to completely shut them, particularly if the tiny quick-grab pocket is open.

There is a zipper under the top flap that allows you to unzip the bag for conventional top-down access. Overall, we don’t believe this is the best entry point since it takes a long time to go to that zipper and open it.

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack InteriorInterior of Boundary Supply’s Errant Pack

The clamshell container at the rear is the second point of entry, and we’ve found it to be an outstanding arrangement, in contrast to the top-down method. It’s particularly useful for rapidly reaching your tablets and laptops, and it’s just a faster, simpler way to get to all of the bag’s contents.

Although the clamshell type zip opens completely, there is a plastic fidlock that gets in the way. Just a note: with it in place, you may open the clamshell about a fourth of the way, then undo it to completely expose the compartment.

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack Interior With Packing CubeSupply Limits Interior of the Errant Pack with Packing Cube

When you completely open the clamshell, you’ll find a whole bucket—and there’s a lot of clever thinking going on here. There are nylon stretch pockets on each sides that may store water bottles, wrapped towels, or bigger things.

There are eyelets, lash straps, magnetic connection hooks, and a Velcro sleeve inside the main liter area. All of these attachment points are intended to work in tandem with Boundary’s other camera cases and photo inserts, the MK-2 and CB-1.

We like Boundary Supply’s approach to this section of the pack. They’ve thought of everything, and their design enables you to take a modular approach to what you carry, allowing you some flexibility to get everything exactly where you want it based on your specific circumstance.

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack With Charging CablesSupply Limits With Charging Cables, The Errant Pack

A floating mesh container in the form of a half-circle sits above the main liter section. This is ideal for dumping electronic things such as a mouse, charging cords, and other difficult-to-manage wires. By unzipping the clamshell halfway, you can quickly reach this pocket, which holds all of your stuff as well as your laptop and tablet.

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack With Laptop & TechThe Errant Pack With Laptop & Tech is available at Boundary Supply.

Now it’s time to have a look at the super-sized laptop sleeve and tablet section. Two elastic and meshy pockets, starting at the bottom, are gusseted to accommodate for heavier objects. Larger things are kept safe inside these pockets by the elastic band on top, and everything is readily accessible thanks to the hypalon pull-tabs.

Above that is a secure double magnetic closing for your laptop or tablet from Boundary Supply. This system makes us feel a little conflicted. On the one hand, it seems to be a little excessive. On the other side, it’s great to have the extra protection for your laptop in case anything goes wrong, such as if the bag is jostled or falls off a table. Everything will be neatly locked in with this method, but it will make it a little more difficult to access your laptop fast.

Both of these compartments have a fake bottom, which means that if you drop the backpack, your laptop or tablet won’t crash into the ground. Between the designated sections and the bottom of the bag, there’s some cushioning and empty space.

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack With Laptop & TechThe Errant Pack With Laptop & Tech is available at Boundary Supply.

The tablet pocket is lined with the same nylon material as the rest of the pack, but the laptop compartment is lined with nywool, which is somewhat softer to the touch and won’t scratch your stuff.

Finally, the whole closure mechanism has plenty of padding on both the inside and outside, ensuring that your stuff is secure while the back panel remains soft and comfy while you’re wearing the pack.

Testing & Durability

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack In Use At Coffee ShopThe Errant Pack from Boundary Supply is in use in a coffee shop.

We’ve been testing the Boundary Supply Errant for two weeks at the time of this review. The Prima System Modular Travel Backpack, their first bag, was also put to the test. That pack performs similarly in terms of function and portability, but it has a lot more camera-specific features.

This pack has a lot of structure, and we believe most of the systems work well—especially the mesh compartment for electronics, which is excellent for dumping stuff in and keeping it separate from the rest of your pack. The organization of this pack works well in practice, which is something we don’t say very frequently.

The sternum strap, which has come off once without any urging during our two weeks of testing, has been the one significant disappointment. That’s a little frightening. The outside of the pack has also been stained by dirt and salt from riding around in the Detroit winter, but that’s to be expected.

Boundary Supply The Errant Pack In UseThe Errant Pack is in use at Boundary Supply.

Apart from those two small niggles, this pack has performed well throughout our testing, and we have few worries about its general longevity.

The “boundary errant sling review” is a product that has been released recently. The review will discuss what the product is, how it works and who should purchase it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the errant pack waterproof?

A: The errant pack is waterproof.

How many liters is the Errant pack?

A: We dont know what youre talking about.

Where are boundary supply bags made?

A: Boundary supply bags are made in China.

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