The Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket is a well-made, practical pocket that can hold essential items. It’s one of the best shoulder straps for day hiking and backpacking because it has ample pockets to hold water bottles or other essentials.

The “shoulder strap pocket by gossamer gear” is a product that reviews the shoulder strap pocket. It includes pros and cons, as well as a video review.

Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket Review

We’re continually looking for new ways to improve the functionality of our products. Take, for example, the modest shoulder straps. They’re the heart and soul of every backpack, with a plethora of loops, D-rings, and even a sternum strap. What if it had pockets, though?

Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket | The pouches side by sideShoulder Strap Pocket by Gossamer Gear | The pockets side by side

It’s not a novel idea, and there are plenty of bags with compartments on their straps. Nonetheless, if your existing backpack lacks this function, it is a nice feature to consider. We’ll be looking at Gossamer Gear’s Shoulder Strap Pocket in this review. It comes in two sizes, and either one is a great way to add a quick-access pocket without having to “swing your backpack around.” Since you’ll be adding visible heft in front of you, there are a few of caveats to be aware of. Let’s get started without further ado.

Aesthetics & Materials

The Shoulder Strap Pocket has a recognizable appearance at first sight. They resemble side pockets that snuck out of a travel bag to establish their own business. We’re very confident we can discover their lookalikes if we hold them up to our huge array of bags and travel gear. That’s a good thing, since it means these accessories should be simple to match with your current clothing, particularly if you like hues of gray.

Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket | Materials, branding, and zipperShoulder Strap Pocket by Gossamer Gear | Materials, branding, and zipper

The big and medium models are distinguished by the color of their zipper pulls, with the large having a blue paracord and the medium having an orange one. If you want to use shorter zipper pulls, they’re quite loose and simple to change. You can rely on the YKK zippers to take care of the zipping and unzipping no matter which direction you travel.

The design is modest and unobtrusive, with Gossamer Gear choosing for a single “g” tab on the front for branding. The sturdy, DWR-coated ROBIC nylon and the flexible mesh that dominates the front contribute to the overall appearance. The large version, however, is fairly enormous, and you may feel that it sticks out too much, but this is a sensible trade-off for the vast capacity.


The rear of the Shoulder Strap Pocket contains a series of velcro straps that resemble a tiny harness system. When your attachments have their own harness system, you’re entering further into travel gear land. In any case, two parallel straps go across the back, with one running vertically down the back for further security.

Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket | Velcro strapsShoulder Strap Pocket | Velcro Straps | Gossamer Gear

Simply wrap the two horizontal velcro straps around your preferred shoulder strap for installation. If you don’t want to or can’t use the vertical velcro strap, securing them as securely as possible is worth the effort. This vertical strap attaches to loops on your shoulder strap—whether a D-ring or other connection points—and determines how high or low the bag may be placed. However, since not every backpack has these additional loops, it’s best to wrap the horizontal straps securely to keep it from slipping down.

The velcro straps on shoulder straps with mesh material may become trapped, as we discovered. You’ll need to be cautious while removing the Shoulder Strap Pockets to prevent damaging the delicate fabric, something you don’t want to do.

You’ve successfully added another quick-access pocket to your backpack that doesn’t need you to swing the entire thing around once it’s on. This is quite useful and improves your quality of life in circumstances when swinging your bag around is inconvenient. Scenarios of crowded buses, lines, concerts, and other events spring to mind, and we’re sure everyone has been in a similar situation.

Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket | Medium variant attached to a daypackShoulder Strap Pocket by Gossamer Gear | Medium variation connected to a daypack

Huge travel bags look great with the large Shoulder Strap Pocket variant. We considered it to be too big for a daypack and, in general, overkill for city people. That said, if you want to accommodate huge iPhones, such as iPhone Max models, high capacity power banks, or simply a lot of granola bars, this is the way to go.

You’ll be able to see inside the compartment easily since the top aperture is large enough. The zipper seals from right to left, which is a little feature worth noting. We chose to maintain the relatively lengthy zipper pull on the outside border of the jacket rather than closer to our chest to reduce distractions. If distractions aren’t a concern, flanking loops on either side of the aperture are also accessible, ready to accept any accessories you wish to connect to them.

Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket | Large variant filled upShoulder Strap Pocket from Gossamer Gear | Large variation filled up

The capacity of the medium was more than adequate for our heavily-cased Samsung Galaxy S9 or some EDC goods like sunglasses, wet wipes, a pair of keys, wireless earphones case, and so on. Your mileage may vary depending on your demands. We used the elastic mesh pocket to store our face masks and transport cards, which we didn’t want to hunt for in the main bag.

It’s worth noting that these pouches have a very nice and strong construction. They feature a good amount of cushioning and rigidity, so they should be able to withstand minor impacts. However, we did make certain findings that relate to and operate against these characteristics.

Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket | Both sizes filled upShoulder Strap Pocket by Gossamer Gear | Both sizes are full.

To begin with, they might seem cumbersome depending on how heavily you fill them. It’s comparable to how we felt with the Peak Design Capture Clip, where there’s a visible burden in front of you bending forward. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it may take some getting used to. Second, the pouches have a propensity to slide down if you don’t have an additional loop to connect the vertical strap. This may vary depending on how full it is and how tight the horizontal straps are, so keep an eye out for it.

Wrap Up

We love accessories that offer practicality and convenience, and Gossamer Gear’s Shoulder Strap Pocket checks all the boxes. We’re no strangers to backpacks that might use some more organizing, and we always advocate utilizing pouches to make things better. Even if your bag is well-organized, the Shoulder Strap Pocket is beneficial for the improved quality of life it provides.

We wish the straps were a little more secure, particularly if you don’t have additional connection points for the vertical velcro strap on your shoulder straps. It would make the additional heft more tolerable, however it’s something we can get used to in return for the increased convenience of having a front pocket that’s quick to reach.

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The “best shoulder strap pocket” is a product that Gossamer Gear has created. It is a small, lightweight bag that attaches to the outside of your pack or waist belt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attach Gossamer Gear shoulder pocket?

A: To attach the Gossamer Gear shoulder pocket, you will need to thread a chest strap through one of the pockets and tighten it with an adjuster buckle.

What are pocket straps?

A: A pocket strap is a wrist band that allows you to attach your Beat Saber controller to it. When attached, the two controllers will have an increased range of motion and pocket status in which they cant be dropped or knocked over

What Are the shoulder straps on shirts for?

A: It is likely that the shoulder straps are used for decoration or to make it easier to lift your arms. They might also be used as a way of spacing out the fabric, depending on how they are sewn in place.

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