Uplift ergonomic chairs aren’t that popular yet on the market compared to the brand’s electric standing desks. But the Pursuit ergonomic chair might have something running for it. Let’s see how it fares.

About The Brand

The UPLIFT Desk is more popular for its adjustable electric desk. It’s also one of the mid-range options for a sit-stand desk. It’s manufactured in Texas, USA. And the ergonomic office chair of the brand also offers a more affordable solution to the premier luxury ergonomic chairs.


I find the Pursuit ergonomic chair quite adjustable. So you can find a suitable and comfortable sitting position for your body type and size. It has adjustable arms, headrest, lumbar support, and seat height. The armrest is adjustable in two ways. You can lower and raise it. You can also widen and narrow the armrest. So it gives a bit of space for those who are a bit wider around the waist.

The Pursuit features an adjustable headrest that not all ergonomic chairs have. Even high-end office chairs such as the Aeron and Steelcase Leap don’t offer this feature. The adjustable headrest cradles your neck and head well. It can offer additional comfort when sat on for longer hours.

Another great feature of the chair is the Synchro-Tilt mechanism. This is a popular tilt mechanism of most high-end office chairs. And compared to a center tilt and a multifunction tilt, this mechanism provides the utmost comfort and ergonomics: the seat and the back move at different angles.

You can see it as a 2:1 ratio. This mechanism helps your body maintain an ergonomic position when reclined. You don’t need to lift your feet off the ground uncomfortably. You can recline while keeping your feet in a comfortable position on the floor. You won’t encounter the same problems that you could encounter with a center-tilt mechanism. It gives me a more ergonomic motion. But it won’t force you into a rocking feeling you get with a center-tilt mechanism. The movement is more fluid than rocky.

Pursuit ergonomic chair review

High-end chairs such as the Aeron, Embody, and Steelcase Leap and Gesture have this ergonomic tilt mechanic. Furthermore, you can lock the recline in three different positions. So you have a lot of comfortable features.

Back seat and support

The Pursuit ergonomic chair features a high back seat with mesh covering. The mesh covering keeps you comfortable all day long. It allows for better air circulation. In addition, the high back chair can accommodate taller users. And you won’t find your shoulders hitting the edge of the seat.

Pursuit also has adjustable lumbar support. So you just need to turn the wheel mechanism at the back to find the perfect fit for you. And the backseat isn’t flat; it has a slight curve to it.

Overall, it can provide decent back support. And when coupled with the headrest, you’ll find it comfortable for all-day sitting.

Overall look

The Pursuit ergonomic chair has a nice look even at first glance. The chair looks rather stylish and sleek. If you love high-back chairs, it’s a great contender. Apart from supporting taller people, the high-back chair adds a luxurious feel to the Pursuit.

It’s a mixed chair with a mesh back and fabric seat. The chair seat is well cushioned and hugs your butt well. It’s not a flat seat, but it isn’t plush either. Instead, it has a little contour for your butt and thighs. So you know that this can really feel nice for prolonged seating.


At first look, the Pursuit chair looks big and tall. So you might think that it’s very challenging to put together. But I was wrong; it was very easy to assemble. And upon unboxing, each part felt solid. So though it’s not that heavy, you can assemble it yourself. But you can instantly feel that the chair is made of high-quality materials.

The chair only has a few pieces. Hence, it’s easier to assemble. On the other hand, the headrest at first looks thin and flimsy. I had my doubts if it could give me the needed support. But it did. It might look flimsy, but it isn’t.

Best Features

The highly adjustable features are a plus. And when coupled with a range price of fewer than 400 dollars and a synchro-tilt mechanism, it can give some premium brands a run for their money. However, there’s also a surprise feature waiting for you underneath the chair. And I think it’s the first that I’ve encountered such a feature.

Pursuit ergonomic chair by UPLIFT desk

It has a small compartment beneath the seat to keep your phone or other valuable items. It may not seem that important. But it can come in handy in situations where you never thought you’d need one.

In addition, it has a carrying capacity of 250 lbs, so it can also accommodate more people. And when coupled with the adjustable features, it has a large scope of users.

Scope for Improvement

The armrests, though adjustable in two ways, looked really cheap. It’s a gray and black plastic material. Though it’s not that flimsy, it easily takes away the luxurious look of the chair. But the armrests do have a bit of texture. So it kind of grips your forearm when you lay them on the armrests. So I think that’s one way of making up for the less than luxurious look.

And the manual adjustment of the headrest isn’t too luxurious at all. For a highly adjustable ergonomic office chair that’s worth less than 400, I couldn’t complain anymore. Plus, it does get the job done despite the tacky adjustment.

Pursuit vs. J3

The J3 is more adjustable compared to the Pursuit. It has almost the same price range as the Pursuit, but I find the J3 with more high-end features. And the additional adjustable features make the J3 more versatile.

For instance, seat depth is a very handy feature. It allows taller people to find a more comfortable spot. And only a few chairs in the market have this feature. Even the Aeron doesn’t have it. So it is a treat for a mid-range ergonomic chair.

The seat of the J3 is also different compared to the Pursuit. Though both chairs have a mesh high back seat, the J3 has a leather seat. So it’s another unlikely combination. You won’t find other ergonomic chairs with mesh back and leather seats.

Though the leather material looks stylish and it’s a unique combination, it feels rather stiff. So I didn’t find the leather seat comfortable at all. Nevertheless, I still have my butt, err heart set on the cushioned seat of the Pursuit.

Both chairs look the same at first glance; you’ll only notice the difference in the seat material. And in terms of the weight capacity, they do have the same 250 lbs carrying capacity.

Aside from the leather seat, one of the things I wished were different is that the chair tends to tilt upward. It does that. And you might find your feet lifting from the ground, and it can be uncomfortable. So, apart from the seat depth, I find the Pursuit more comfortable than the J3.

Pursuit vs. Vert

The Vert ergonomic chair’s main difference from the Pursuit is the backseat. Though the Pursuit has a slight curve to it, the Vert was designed to mimic the spine’s shape. So it can conform better to the shape of your body and back better than the Pursuit.

The Vert chair offers more adjustable and comfortable. First, it has a ribbed design and elastomer spine that can follow your movement. It might even remind you of the back design of the Embody. Second, it has a seat depth adjustment, something that’s lacking from the Pursuit.

Third, the seat is plusher. If the Pursuit offers comfortable seating, the Vert offers ultra comfort with its plush seat. And it has a better contour that hugs your butt, so you want to sit in longer. Furthermore, it is made of 62 percent eco-friendly material. So it’s a better choice if you want to go green.

And it also shares the same mesh back seat adjustable, lumbar, and headrest with the Pursuit.

Overall, the V3 is like an upgrade to the Pursuit. And of course, it cost a bit more, just a bit. But it’s a worthy upgrade if you ask me.


The mid-range Pursuit ergonomic chair is something that you’ll find comfortable and affordable. And the overall modern look won’t also disappoint.

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