A height-adjustable pneumatic table may not be trendy. Today, assistive standing desks have become the norm, leaving manually adjustable desks in the dark. But the pneumatically adjustable Realspace Magellan table has a lot to offer. So let’s get some clarity.

About the Brand

Realspace Magellan is created at Office Depot. It is the leading brand for office space solutions and products. In addition to Realspace, Office Depot includes other companies such as TUL, Foray, DiVOGA, OfficeMax, Grand & Toy, Ativa, and others. Office Depot manages thousands of e-commerce and retail websites. The company transports its products from Florida, USA.

Realspace Magellan electric desk height

Pneumatic function

This table is easy to lift. But it’s not for everyone. It might take a little strength to pull him up. So it may not be the best choice if you are older, young, or disabled. And it’s pretty easy to set the table because you’re already up. They also have help from gravity.

Height adjustment

I’d say it’s for the average user. It could go from 30 to 43, so I think it’s too short. And if you’re over five feet tall, it might not suit you.

Sufficiently stable at lower altitudes

This standing desk is pretty solid. Maybe a little shaky, but it’s not a problem. If you accidentally touch the table, the monitor may shake a little. But it’s not because the table wobbles when you use the keyboard.

I think this slight vibration is caused by slipping in the connection between the upper and lower leg. So if you adjust the upper half of your foot, the lower half tends to get a little lost. I think it would be better if there were a way to attach the brush to the connector. So even if you adjust the table, the lower half of the legs remain in place.

However, if you move the table higher, you will feel more shocks if you move it deliberately. But it doesn’t wobble if you type. Instead, it vibrates when you apply force. So it’s still acceptable. It is much stronger than other popular electric high tables such as Jarvis, Varidesk, or Uplift.

Compared to the Realspace Magellan electric table, this pneumatic model is much more stable. However, the analog electrical part starts to oscillate at the lowest pitch setting. And the quake gets worse the higher you go.

The latter is technically more blurred if you compare pneumatically adjustable tables with fully electric sitting tables. So, although manually adjustable, you’re better off with the pneumatically adjustable version of the Realspace Magellan seat frame.

It has the same strength and stability as a manually operated seating table such as the Transendex and the S Stand up Shop high table. With a sturdy table, it is no problem to have an electronic control panel.

Large working space

This desktop stand is also viable if you want to burden your workspace with more things. Big and spacious. And even with two motors and a laptop, you’ll always have more room for documents, papers, and other office supplies.

Its weight is 200 pounds. So it’s still a long way to go before we overload it. But on the other hand, the 6-inch tablet can hold two 27-inch monitors, and there’s plenty of room. So I think it’s suitable for three monitors if you want to use monitor arms.

Fun and elegant coffee table

It’s elegant, black and a beautiful piece of the table. You will love this side table more if you like modern and contemporary furniture. He seems very polite. The table is not too thick or too thin. It looks luxuriously smooth. At first glance, this is a top-quality table, elegant. He seems very well done.

You can place it alongside leading brands such as Kinetic M1 and Herman Miller Renew. And it’ll adapt. You don’t see the price difference until you see the lever under the table.

Packaging and mounting

So far, so good. The table and footrests are mounted in the same box. So it cannot be easy. All parts are carefully protected and padded to prevent scratches and dents. Because of the high weight, freight transport is often chosen.

And the trim parts are well labeled. So everything you need for installation is on the box. So I agree to the package. It would be best if you did not complain about the weight because that says a lot about the robustness of the construction.

The exam is simple; there’s nothing you can’t understand. But don’t forget there are a lot of bolts and screws. Small parts are labeled accordingly to facilitate installation.

The holes are already pre-drilled, so you only need a screwdriver for mounting.

Heavy table and solid construction

It’s heavy at 150 pounds, only 50 pounds less than its maximum payload. So remember that it shouldn’t be a job for one person. It’s as much about getting in as it is collecting. And since you have to turn the table three times to align the holes and tighten the screws, you’ll probably need the help of a friend to install it. And better yet, set the table where you’ll use it. So you don’t have to put it off anymore.

The table is made of solid wood, and the steel legs are sturdy, so more weight can be expected. But you’ll be glad you did because that means he’s reliable, too.

Problems Faced

I would have liked a closer connection between the upper and lower leg or a better brushing. Although the shaking is not noticeable, it could have made the table even better. I’ll check my list.

Most pneumatically adjustable tables do not have these safety features – overload and impact protection. Since this function requires more advanced electronics to some extent, the table’s manual configuration should do without it. Despite the large capacity of the table, be careful not to overload it. Yeah, it’s rugged, but it has no overload protection. So you’d better watch it.


This pneumatically adjustable desk from Realspace Magellan could offer good value for money: It is cheap, robust, and relatively stable. There may be a slight hesitation, but it’s not something that’s stopping you from working. This is a good buy if you are looking for an affordable office with more workspace.

And if you are looking for a wide desk that can accommodate two large screens, this is an excellent choice. The weight of the load is higher, and the surface is wider. So you won’t have a problem with big screens.

And who shouldn’t use that painting? Since the table is set by hand, you should slightly tighten your muscles to make the table higher. For the most part, this is not a problem. However, this can be a problem for older people with physical disabilities.

Last Thoughts

This pneumatic table, unlike electric tables, does not need electricity to adapt. So there will be no interference. And it doesn’t get stuck in the middle of the transition when the power suddenly goes out. However, some force is needed to lift the table. So it’s value for money if you don’t worry about the little flaws that come with it.

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