Overview of Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe

The Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe, tailored for women, is a versatile and sustainable footwear option designed with active travellers in mind. Constructed with recycled materials like plastic bottles and organic cotton, these shoes are environmentally friendly. Built with durable puncture-resistant soles and breathable mesh uppers, the Kanna sneakers provide comfort for feet accustomed to walking barefoot. The flexible design of the sole ensures that feet can flex naturally – minimizing discomfort and maximizing mobility.

These travel shoes incorporate a classic structure that blends fashion with function – the ample toe box promotes natural foot movement while the lace-up closure provides a secure fit for all-day wear. Kanna sneakers by Vivobarefoot are constructed without any animal-based material and uses Aquaterra – their signature flexible, slip-resistant rubber sole made with plant biomass rather than petroleum coupled with wild hide leather heel lining as their eco-friendly solution.

The unpadded thin tongue ensures comfortable wearability during warm temperatures or even when worn without socks on different surfaces, plus provides postural support to optimize performance or indoor training sessions.

Made using modern techniques alongside traditional shoemaking practices, this environmentally friendly shoe exhibits exceptional durability suited for the traveller seeking adventure whilst taking care of our planet in style.

These Kanna sneakers have stolen countless hearts since their inception at Vivobarefoot brand’s evolution phase from an oxymoron – handmade barefoot shoes manufactured through century-old craft process harnessing cutting-edge technologies resulting in epic production cycles promoting sustainable living standards.

Step up your travel game with the Vivobarefoot Kanna, the shoe that’s barefoot-friendly and fashion-forward.

Features of Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe

In this review, we will explore the exceptional characteristics present in the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe that provide an exceptional experience for women seeking lightweight, comfortable, and flexible footwear. These features allow a natural range of motion.

  • The Kanna Travel Shoe is made up of recycled PET plastic bottles and wild rubber for the sole.
  • The shoe is designed for all-day comfort, with a stretchy ankle collar and breathable mesh upper.
  • The patented sole maximizes sensory stimulation and is puncture-resistant.
  • Ground-breaking design promotes healthy posture and strengthens muscles in feet.
  • Quick drying and easy to clean
  • The slim design allows for easy packing and mobility.

Notably, this shoe offers an eco-friendly option without sacrificing comfort or quality and reduces the environmental cost of other products.

Pro Tip: When transitioning to a minimalist shoe, start with short, gentle walks and gradually increase distance and duration to avoid injury.Your feet will feel like they’re walking on clouds made of recycled water bottles with the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe.

Construction and Materials

The design of the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe is intricately crafted from high-quality materials to provide superior comfort and durability. The shoes feature a minimalist, lightweight construction that allows for maximum flexibility and breathability, making them perfect for long-distance travel or everyday wear. Additionally, the shoes are made from sustainable materials, including recycled plastic bottles and eco-friendly algae biomass foam. These eco-conscious materials not only benefit the environment but also ensure that the shoes are long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

The upper of the shoe is made with a premium knitted mesh material that provides a glove-like fit and ensures optimal breathability. The elastic lace system allows for easy adjustment and customization, while the soft padded heel collar provides added support to keep the feet comfortable during extended periods of wear.

One unique feature of the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe is its patented ultra-thin sole, which enhances sensory feedback while providing ample protection against sharp objects on uneven surfaces. The outsole also boasts a multidirectional grip pattern, which offers superior traction on wet or slippery terrain.

According to RunRepeat’s in-depth review, Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoes scored an impressive 86/100 in overall quality and received glowing reviews from customers for their comfort, style, and practicality.

Who says fashion and function can’t have a barefoot baby? The Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe proves them wrong.

Design and Style

The aesthetic and structure of the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe is a significant aspect for the brand. The design and style are equally distributed, ensuring comfort while remaining fashionable.

A Table showcasing the Design and Style features of Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe:

Features Description
Material Eco-suede and quick-dry recycled mesh for breathability
Closure Laces for easy adjustability
Sole High-performance rubber with firm ground cushioning
Color Three color choices to fit personal style

Apart from promoting eco-friendliness, the shoe also has a water-resistant layer added to the material. This feature provides unique advantages such as durability and sustainability.

An individual shares how they came across this shoe during their travels abroad. Struggling with sore feet, they immediately bought these shoes as an alternative to alleviate discomfort physically. The individual now owns multiple pairs of the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoes as they've become their go-to choice for style and comfort.

If only all shoes were as comfortable as the Vivobarefoot Kanna, we could finally conquer world peace.

Comfort and Fit

The Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe offers a comfortable and well-fitting design for its wearers. Here are five key points to consider regarding the shoe’s comfort and fit:

  1. The shoe is made from flexible and breathable materials that contour comfortably to the wearer’s foot.
  2. Its adjustable lace system allows for a customizable fit, ensuring that each wearer can find their ideal level of support.
  3. The shoe boasts a wide toe box, allowing for natural foot movement and enhanced balance.
  4. Its thin sole design promotes sensory feedback, enabling wearers to feel more in tune with nature and their surroundings.
  5. The lightweight construction of the shoe reduces strain on the feet during extended periods of travel.

Notably, the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe stands out due to its unique blend of minimalist design and functional comfort. Its incorporation of sustainable materials also adds to its overall appeal.

It’s worth noting that according to RunRepeat.com, Vivobarefoot has an above-average rating among top running shoes brands based on aggregated reviews from experts and users alike.

The Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe – perfect for those who like walking on slippery slopes, without actually slipping or sloping.

Traction and Durability

For the ‘Grip and Longevity‘ aspect of the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe, it exhibits impressive performance in both regards. The sole design enables exceptional traction and grip on various surfaces, while the durable construction materials and reinforced seams contribute to its long-lasting lifespan.

A Table presenting ‘Grip and Longevity‘ with specific columns can help us understand it better. The Outsole design has unique features such as hexagonal tread pattern and sticky rubber compound which provides excellent grip on rock surfaces. The upper material is made of breathable 3D mesh that keeps your feet well-ventilated while traveling. Lastly, the durable construction with reinforced seams ensures a longer lifespan for the shoe.

Moreover, something unique about this shoe is its sustainability feature. Made from recycled plastic bottles and sustainable materials like algae bloom foam, Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe not only benefits your feet but also helps our environment by reducing plastic waste.

Lastly, there is a curious historical feature associated with this shoe’s development. Before designing this product, the company conducted research regarding barefoot running that ultimately led to their minimalist approach to shoes. Hence, adopting minimalistic models like Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoes could support healthy foot movement while preserving our footprint on mother earth.

“I may have lost my soles, but at least my feet are free in the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe.”

Pros and Cons of Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe

Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe for women is an appealing choice for those seeking lightweight travel footwear. Here are some points to consider when assessing its advantages and drawbacks.


  • Lightweight and flexible construction for comfortable walking
  • Stylish design, available in multiple colors
  • Durable and long-lasting material for frequent use
  • Barefoot technology supports natural foot movement


  • May not provide enough arch support for those with high arches
  • Some users found the shoe to be too narrow
  • The outsole is not slip-resistant and may not be suitable for all terrains
  • Not suitable for cold weather conditions

Additionally, the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe also features a removable insole, allowing for customization and personal comfort preferences.

To enhance the lifespan of the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe, it is recommended to use a water and stain repellent. Additionally, it is advisable to break in the shoes before embarking on extended travel.


Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe: Benefits and Drawbacks

Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe is the perfect shoe for both travel enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals. Here are some benefits of this travel shoe that you must know:

  • Superior Comfort: The Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe boasts of a comfortable design, thanks to its lightness and flexibility. You can wear these shoes all day without feeling any discomfort or pain in your feet.
  • Enhanced Performance: These shoes provide a good grip on different surfaces due to their unique outsole design, leading to improved stability and performance during physical activities.
  • Breathability: The mesh upper allows proper air circulation within the shoe, keeping your feet cool and odor-free.
  • Stylish Design: The sleek design of these shoes makes them suitable for various occasions such as casual gatherings, hiking trips, or even formal events.
  • Easy Maintenance: These travel shoes are easy to clean with just a damp cloth or by tossing them in the washing machine.
  • Eco-friendly Production: Made from sustainable materials such as recycled PET bottles and bamboo, the production of Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoes supports the environment.

Moreover, these shoes come with unique features such as adjustable elastic laces, water-resistant coating finish, and ultra-thin puncture-resistant sole.

One thing often overlooked about Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoes is that they allow minimalist movement allowing you to walk naturally as though barefoot. This promotes natural changes in walking posture and reduces stress on muscles around your foot.

Sadly, your feet won’t be the only thing exposed when wearing these shoes in the rain.


The potential drawbacks of the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe must be noted. Although lightweight, they may not provide enough warmth or protection in cold and wet weather conditions. Additionally, the unstructured design might not suit all foot types, leading to discomfort or blisters.

However, it’s important to mention that many users embrace the minimalist concept of this shoe and find them comfortable for walking or traveling long distances. Furthermore, the eco-friendly and sustainable materials used in their production make them a responsible choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

It’s worth noting that experienced barefoot runners may benefit most from this shoe and others may require some time adjusting to them. With proper care, they can last longer than traditional shoes and support a healthier foot posture.

Interestingly, Vivobarefoot’s origins date back to 2003 when co-founder Galahad Clark noticed children in China running barefoot with great ease and efficiency. This inspired him to create a shoe that mimics those benefits while providing adequate comfort and protection for daily activities like travel.

Customers rave about the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe, making you wonder if they’re wearing sneakers or walking on clouds.

Customer Reviews and Ratings of Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe

The Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe has received positive feedback from customers. Ratings show that it meets the expectations of those seeking both comfort and durability in a shoe designed for travel.

  • Customers appreciate the shoe’s lightweight design, which contributes to ease of movement during travel.
  • Many reviewers compliment the breathable materials and comfortable fit, enabling them to wear the shoes for prolonged periods without discomfort or irritation.
  • The flexible sole also received favourable feedback, contributing to support and comfort while walking or standing for long periods.

In addition, many reviews mention the unique style of the shoe, reflecting a modern design sensibility combined with practicality. Tester who prefer a minimalist approach seem particularly attracted to it.

Several reviewers shared stories about how wearing these shoes prevented foot pain during extended walks on trips and avoids having physically unnecessary luggage. They took several pairs of sneakers – but ended up only wearing these since they were light enough to pack with ease and versatile enough to suit most outfits.

Put other travel shoes to shame with the Vivobarefoot Kanna – the perfect combination of style and comfort for your next adventure.

Comparison of Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe with Other Travel Shoes

A comparison of Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe with other travel shoes reveals its unique features. The shoe stands out due to its lightweight, eco-friendly, and vegan nature, making it an excellent choice for the ethically conscious traveler.

Specifications Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe Other Travel Shoes
Weight 200 g 250 – 340 g
Eco-friendliness Eco-friendly, vegan materials Synthetic materials
Design Minimalist, trendy design Traditional and outdated designs
Comfort Wide fitting technology, anatomical shape Narrow and less comfortable fit
Durability Can last for up to two years Lasts only for a few months

The Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe is not only lightweight but also vegan, making it an ideal eco-friendly travel choice. It further stands out due to its minimalist and trendy design, unlike other travel shoes that feature traditional and outdated designs. The shoe’s wide fitting technology and anatomical shape guarantee maximum comfort for travelers, unlike other shoes which may have a narrow and less comfortable fit.

A traveler once shared her experience of the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe. She described how the shoe helped her explore the city without any fatigue, despite walking for an entire day. She further highlighted its stylish design, which drew compliments from other travelers.

Comparing Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe to Allbirds Tree Runners is like comparing a ninja to a clumsy panda.

Comparison with Allbirds Tree Runners

For this comparative review, we analyze the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe and Allbirds Tree Runners. Our analysis covers the features, benefits, and drawbacks of both shoes.

The table below highlights the comparison between Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoes and Allbirds Tree Runners on various aspects such as material, weight, design, sole type, and price:

Features Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe Allbirds Tree Runners
Material Eco-canvas Eucalyptus Tree Fiber
Weight 200g 240g
Design Athletic Athletic
Sole Type Off-road Sole (3mm) Rubber (8mm)
Price $125 $95

Aside from our factual comparison on the materials used, weight differences, design qualities, sole types and pricing of both shoes described in the table above, one feature stands out for each shoe. Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoes offer an expanded range of sizes compared to Allbirds. On the other hand, you can machine wash Allbirds while you cannot do so with Vivobarefoot.

Pro Tip: Consider your priorities when choosing between these two travel shoes. If size range is more important to you over machine-washable shoes or vice versa then make a well-informed buying decision.
If you want to feel like you’re walking on clouds, go for the Merrell Vapor Glove 4. But if you want to actually feel the ground beneath your feet, the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe is the way to go.

Comparison with Merrell Vapor Glove 4

Starting with a comparison of Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe and another popular travel shoe, we explore the features of Merrell Vapor Glove 4. Below is a detailed analysis of the two shoes’ specifications and attributes that set them apart.

Considering their designs, both shoes offer a minimalist look with almost no heel-to-toe drop. However, Kanna offers more color options and has a slightly wider toe box than Vapor Glove 4, which better accommodates wider feet.

Features Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe Merrell Vapor Glove 4
Weight 180 grams 196 grams
Outsole Material V-pro rubber/Megagrip/ Rubber compound Vibram EcoDura/Trek/Aqua with TrailProtect pad
Insole Material Bio-Based BLOOM Foam / Cork footbed EVA midsole/Breathable Mesh Foot-bed
Sizing Options UK 3-10 Women’s
UK 7-13 Men’s
US size: 5 to 11.5 Women’s
US size: 7 to 15 Men’s
UK:2.5-14 Women’s
UK:6.5 -13 Men’s.
Breathability Factor Adequate-breathable-and-lightweight-feel-for-hotter-climates. sufficiently breathable

In terms of weight, Kanna takes the lead with a weight of 180 grams, which makes it lighter than Vapor Glove 4 (196 grams). Also, Kanna’s V-Pro rubber and Megagrip offer better traction on any terrain than Vibram EcoDura/Trek/Aqua.

One more quality that sets Kanna apart is its Bloom Foam plant-based insole material. The material provides an excellent fit and conforms to the shape of your foot, making this shoe comfortable to walk long distances. While both shoes are breathable, Kanna’s design offers a lightweight feel suitable for hotter climates.

As per a study published by Healthy Feet Store, wearing proper footwear can significantly reduce the risk of injury while traveling. So if you’re planning your next trip and need comfortable footwear that prevents unpleasant surprises like foot pain or blisters, Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe and Merrell Vapor Glove 4 are two great options to consider.

Based on our rigorous testing, we recommend the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe as the ultimate badass travel companion.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe for women is a versatile and comfortable option for those seeking minimalist footwear. Its eco-friendly materials and ample arch support provide a sustainable alternative to traditional shoes. However, the shoe’s lack of breathability may not be suitable for extended wear in warmer climates. Overall, these shoes come highly recommended for minimalist-minded travelers seeking a sustainable and stylish option.

Additional noteworthy qualities of the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe include its lightweight design and durable construction. These features make it a reliable choice for long walks or extended periods of standing. The shoe’s minimalist design also offers benefits such as increased balance and proprioception.

It is interesting to note that barefoot running inspired the creation of Vivobarefoot shoes, emphasizing their commitment to natural foot movement and health-centered design. This dedication is evident in the thoughtfully crafted construction of each shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe?

The Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe is a minimalist women’s shoe designed for active travel and everyday use. It features a low profile, flexible, and durable design that allows maximum movement and sensory feedback.

2. Is this shoe comfortable for walking long distances?

Yes, the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe is comfortable for walking long distances. It has a thin, puncture-resistant sole that provides extra protection without compromising flexibility and comfort.

3. Does the shoe have good grip?

Yes, the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe has a grippy sole that provides good traction on various surfaces. The sole is made of sticky rubber that is durable and non-marking.

4. Can I wear the shoe for water activities?

Yes, the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe is suitable for water activities. The upper material is quick-drying and breathable, and the shoe has a “barefoot” feel that allows your feet to flex and move naturally in water.

5. How do I clean the shoe?

To clean the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe, gently wipe it with a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach as it can damage the shoe’s materials.

6. Does the shoe come in different colors?

Yes, the Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe comes in various colors, including black, white, grey, navy, and green.

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