The Vivobarefoot Kanna Travel Shoe is a stylish sneaker that includes everything you need to go from the airport to adventure. The design and comfort of these shoes make it easy for anyone to travel in style with their feet feeling good too.

With our Deals Vault, you can save up to 10% on Vivobarefoot • Become a Pack Hacker Pro. Vivobarefoot is a British firm that creates lighter, adaptable, and flexible shoes. We’ve put the Gobi II to the test in several nations throughout the globe and have been pleasantly impressed by how well it performs in ordinary situations. We were eager to check out more of their equipment. We’ll be looking at their Kanna women’s shoes in this review.

We’ve been trying the Vivobarefoot Kannas for just over two months at this review, and they’ve seen action throughout the Southeast and Southwest of England (yes, they have seen plenty of rain). So, how did these clean-cut, urban-style barefoot shoes fare? Is it possible that they’ll be the only shoes you’ll need on your trip? Let’s have a look.

Aesthetics & Materials

Vivobarefoot Kannas In Essex, EnglandKannas Vivobarefoot in Essex, England. We’velikedg the Vivobarefoot Kannas’ urban design and have been pleased by its adaptability to various locations and outfits. They look excellent with a pair of jeans or a dress for a city walk, and they’ll also work for some more rural adventures or a trip to the gym. Trying to wear them to a formal occasion could be challenging, but they’ll find them anywhere you’d wear a regular shoe.

We asked our Instagram audience for feedback (like we do with all of our reviews), and 54 percent stated they appreciated the appearance of these items. This statistic surprised us since we expected it to be a little higher. But, hey, that’s why we poll these things in the first place. The black and white minimalist design isn’t for everyone.

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Vivobarefoot Kanna ColorsKannas come in various colors, including black, olive, gray, white, and cordovan (red). We chose black because it’s the most adaptable and hides the filth, but olive and cordovan are terrific options if you want a splash of color. We suggest avoiding white and gray for travel and daily usage since they show markings fast and are notoriously difficult to keep clean.

Vivobarefoot Kanna BrandingThese sneakers have a lot of branding, but it’s kept modest and classy with a mostly black-on-black pattern, which we appreciate. The side, heel, tongue, sole, and insole all have logos. Granted, this may seem excessive—and it is for a shoe—but you won’t notice it until you get up and personal. (This is especially true with the black variant.)

These shoes are very light, weighing just 5.25 ounces each shoe in a women’s size 6.5 US. But, are they the most lightweight sneakers we’ve ever tried on? No, not at all! The Skechers GoWalk 4 has the same weight as the Skechers GoWalk 3. If you’re searching for a lightweight travel shoe, both options are worth considering.

In terms of materials, the Kannas is entirely vegan. Although not everyone at Pack Hacker is vegan, we appreciate it when companies produce animal-friendly products when they can. As a result, we give Vivobarefoot two thumbs up. If you’re looking for more information about vegan travel gear, check out our article on how to travel the globe vegan.

Vivobarefoot Kanna MeshThe top is comprised of a mesh that is both breathable and flexible. When you put the shoe on, it feels like you’re wearing a sock, and although it takes some getting used to, we’ve been delighted with how comfortable they are to wear.

Vivobarefoot Kanna TPU SoleTPU is used for the remainder of the shoe (thermoplastic polyurethane). Because you’ll be striking the ground with every stride, this material is non-marking and abrasion-resistant, ideal.

Finally, a layer of Vivobarefoot’s unique PRO5 protection has been added to the sole. Is this, however, a real benefit (pun intended) or simply intelligent marketing? It’s an ultra-thin coating that boosts puncture resistance—and it’s shown to be effective in our tests. We believe it’s excellent, but keep in mind that it’s still a minimalist shoe with a very thin bottom, so it’s not completely impervious to punctures. You may get away with walking on a thumbtack, but anything larger is going to be a challenge.

Benefits & Usage

They may seem to be ordinary sneakers, but they provide a unique set of advantages above standard sneakers and travel shoes. For starters, they’re so light and simple that you could forget you’re wearing them. This may seem strange, and it isn’t for everyone’s taste, but we found them to be really liberating, and we appreciated being so close to the earth. Plus, all new customers get a 100-day trial with a no-questions-asked return policy, so you may return them if they’re not for you. (Because we haven’t tried it ourselves, we can’t promise that it will work.)

Width Of The Vivobarefoot Kanna Vs A Traditional SneakerThe Vivobarefoot Kanna’s Width vs. A Traditional Sneaker. Second, the Kannas have a wide front that allows your toes to stretch out and sit freely as if you were barefoot (now we see where they got their name from). When you compare these things to the width of a standard shoe, the contrast is astounding, and it isn’t easy to go back to squishy toes after you’ve experienced the freedom and natural sensation of the Vivobarefoot form factor.

Compressed Vivobarefoot KannaThe Vivobarefoot Kannas is also portable. Yes, you read it correctly; it’s packable! These things genuinely roll up and compress, not in the “they’ll fit inside your pack but still take up a lot of space” sense. Instead, they take up as little physical space as possible within your pack due to their flexible materials, making them excellent for one-bag travelers with limited capacity.

Vivobarefoot Kannas In Essex, EnglandWhen it comes to using, we discovered that these shoes are best for hotter areas since the permeable mesh keeps your feet cool. The Kannas, on the other hand, will suffer if you’re traveling someplace where it’s likely to rain or be chilly since they have no insulation or weather protection. The good news is that Vivobarefoot sells a heating insole that you can add to your shoes and a variety of winterproof shoes with weather-resistant materials.

It’s also worth mentioning that they are not trekking shoes. If you intend on hiking a route or climbing over rocks to reach the summit, you’ll want to wear a shoe built for such activities, and Vivobarefoot has a variety of off-road shoes to consider. However, please don’t dismiss the Kannas completely; they’re highly packable, so you could bring them along as a backup pair.

Vivobarefoot Kannas In Essex, EnglandFinally, we love that these shoes may be worn with or without socks. This increases their adaptability, and we’ve discovered that either position is comfortable, so it’s entirely up to you. Of course, if you’re traveling light, you can get away without wearing socks at all.

Testing & Durability

We’ve been wearing the Vivobarefoot Kannas for just over two months at this review, and they’ve seen plenty of action throughout the Southeast and Southwest of England.

Vivobarefoot Kanna CraftsmanshipThe Kannas is holding up well in terms of durability, and we’re happy to report that there are no indications of wear and tear thus far. However, due to the artistry of the exhibit, we are concerned about their long-term endurance. The stitching is a little sloppy in parts, and the glue surrounding the sole is evident. We had hoped for more. However, Vivobarefoot has said that their manufacturing plant will be relocated in the future, so perhaps the craft will increase.

It may take some time to get accustomed to wearing the Vivobarefoot Kannas due to their barefoot nature and the fact that your feet are linked to the earth. However, after becoming accustomed to them, wearing anything else might feel strange. The barefoot look isn’t for everyone, but we like it.

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