The Note Sleeve is one of the most popular wallets on Bellroy’s site, and for a good reason. It offers a sleek design that still manages to accommodate all your essentials without looking like you’re wearing something bulky or too much.

It might be challenging to locate a wallet that is both smaller and more useful than a typical billfold. This is where the Bellroy Note Sleeve comes in. This wallet is small and stylish, yet it still has enough room to contain all your coins, cash, and cards.

We’ve been testing the Bellroy Note Sleeve for over a year and will most likely continue to do so in the future (yes, we like it that much). So, let’s have a look.

Aesthetics & Materials

A good leather wallet’s looks can’t always be topped. And we feel the same way about the Bellroy Note Sleeve. It just looks excellent in a refined, leather-like style.

Bellroy Note Sleeve In Essex EnglandThe Note Sleeve is available in various colors and designs, including standard and RFID blocking. If you’re new to travel wallets, you may not understand what RFID blocking is or why it’s so important. Certain credit cards have RFID chips that generate radio signals (RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification) to enable contactless credit card payments. On the other hand, hackers may intercept such calls and steal your personal information.

There isn’t much data on how many RFID crimes have been performed (figuring out how credit card information is stolen is a challenging game), and it looks less of a concern than we first believed. However, if you want to be safe, and RFID-blocking wallet may be the way to go. And, as far as we’re concerned, there aren’t any drawbacks.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Leather MaterialThe traditional style Note Sleeve in the color “Teal” has been tested. Also, as previously said, this wallet is made of leather, which isn’t for everyone (hello, vegans). Although, as we’ve previously mentioned in our Bellroy product evaluations, the brand sources and pans its leather ethically and ecologically consciously.

The leather is quite soft and has broken in wonderfully after a year of wear. On the other hand, leather is a little more delicate than other synthetic textiles on the market. If caught in a downpour with the note sleeve in your back pocket, the leather will get wet, potentially ruining the wallet. If you want your purse to endure, you’ll need to take care of the leather.

The Wallet’s Interior

The Bellroy Note Sleeve is a bi-fold wallet, which means that it opens like a book. The quick-access pockets are the first thing you’ll notice—one on the left and two on the right for three. All of them are designed to store the cards you use the most.

There’s another pocket on the left, behind the quick-grab one, where you may keep all of your other, less-used cards. The Bellroy Design team included a pull-tab to let you access those cards, which we believe is a beautiful touch. It works nicely and glides back into place effortlessly after you’re done using your cards.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Pull Tab Card CompartmentWe’ve found that 4 to 6 cards fit best in the pocket, but you could cram in a few more if necessary (Bellroy claims the wallet can hold over 11 cards in total). Even when fully loaded, the wallet remains slim—though we’ve only tried it with nine cards.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Bifold Bill Sleeve With Dollars And Pounds The note sleeve, hidden underneath the card compartments, is the wallet’s namesake. (In this example, “note” refers to money rather than love notes, but you could use the sleeve for both.) The inner fabric of this pocket has an attractive design that we believe contributes to the overall refined look. And although the bills fit lengthwise, we’ve discovered that folding them in half works better since the flat bills are a tight fit. However, if you like your money to be wrinkle-free like your clothing, you may do so.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Coin PocketA coin sleeve and business card holder are also included in this pocket. The coin sleeve carefully tucks your coins away, preventing them from falling out while allowing quick access. And although the business card holder is designed to accommodate business cards, you can also use it to store other cards. We placed some business cards in this pocket at first but instantly forgot about them until we were writing this review, demonstrating how elegant this wallet is. (Please accept our apologies to everyone who handed us their business card.) We haven’t forgotten about you, so don’t be concerned.)

Testing & Durability

Our Bellroy Note Sleeve seems to have traveled the globe…and it has. As previously said, we’ve been using this wallet for over a year and have taken it on many vacations. Although the leather seems to be worn, this isn’t always a negative thing. Leather, like wine, matures elegantly. The needlework is still lovely, with no loose threads to be found. For everything this wallet has gone through, we believe that’s pretty astounding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bellroy wallets good quality?

A: Bellroy wallets are made of leather and canvas, a high-quality material. NASA has verified their bags, for example, as being environmentally friendly.

How thick is Bellroy’s slim sleeve?

A: The Bellroy slim sleeve is 0.6mm thick in total, with a width of 10cm and a height of 8cm.

Is Bellroy branded?

A: Bellroy is a company that specializes in manufacturing leather goods. The brand has been around since 2010, and its founders were previously employed at another well-known Australian fashion manufacturer, John Lewis & Partners.

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